My Second Heartbreak(Niall Horan Fanfic)

Sarah catches her boyfriend cheating in her with her bestfriend Anyssa.When she catches them she rushes over to her Best friend Niall Horan's house .They kiss have to read to find out more c: please comment


1. My first heartbreak

I was walking over to my boyfriends house just to see him.I open the door since it was unlocked

When I walked in I saw him and my bestfriend Anyssa making out on the couch almost half naked

My eyes start to water and I rush out his door

"Sarah..wait!i can explain!" I hear Trevor my now ex boyfriend yell but it fades away from me.

I run to my best friends house Niall .Yes I mean Niall from One Direction the famous boyband

I knocked on the door and once Niall opened it he said "What did that bastard do?"

"H-he cheated on me with Anyssa" I sobbed as Niall hugged me

We say down on the couch and he hugged me tightly as I cried even more

"Sarah look at me" Niall said

I looked at him

"Trevor wasn't worth your tears ...Anyssa wasn't a good best friend need somebody who will truly love you and treat you right..."

I looked down once again

He tilted my head up

"...Like me..."

His face was a couple of inches away from me he was coming closer and so was I....

I felt his warm lips on mine

and sparks go off

'We kissed' is what was going threw my head when were kissing

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