Thera: Daughter of Poseidon

Fourteen year old Thera is led to this mysterious camp from her orphanage. She has no idea what she's in for.. Lions, tigers, and bears oh my? Nahh, how about Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades oh my?


1. One

We walk into this Camp Half-Blood place. I still think it's all a hoax. I mean, come on, me, Thera Nercissa Johnson, could not be a half-blood. As we walk into camp, a boy with sea green eyes comes to greet Annabeth and Grover.

"Successful mission?" He asks , looking at me.

"Haha yeah. This is Thera. She's unclaimed of course, but the Hermes cabin is full, any idea where she can stay?" Asked Grover

"She can stay with me." Said Annabeth

"Umm. I don't think she'd be comfortable with a bunch of owl brains like you." Said Percy

"Oh shut up, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth teased

"Thera, you can stay with me." Said Percy

"Thanks, but I'm still confused. How can I be a Demi God? It's impossible. I've never met my dad, but apparently he's out by the ocean somewhere. That's what my mom said." I replied

They all just laugh and lead me to the Poseidon cabin.

On the way there, someone grabs my arm and pulls me into the ocean as we are passing. There is a knife to my throat.

"Derrick , let her go, she's new." Said Percy.

This Derrick guy was freaking me out. I wriggled and tried to escape, tears starting to form. I was scared, but at the same time, I was anxious.

I concentrated hard. Water started to swirl around me, rising up in a funnel around me. I made sure Annabeth, Grover, and Percy didn't get wet. I'm made the funnel turn into a wall between me and Derrick, as he had backed away from me. I released the water, and it crashed down on him.

"Oh my Gods. Percy. You have a sister." Said Annabeth as a glowing trident appeared above my head.

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