Unexpected Storm


1. Fire

I briskly walked down the street, trying to get to my best friend,Tegan, on time. We made plans to eat lunch where she works; a science lab. I didn't want food from the lab cafeteria, so I bought lunch at a locally owned restaurant. I didn't think it would take too long to get lunch, but it did. I checked my watch again for the third time. 12:09. I was already late; Tegan will be pissed by the time I get there.

I was nearing the building when I smelled smoke. I was confused until I looked up to see smoke billowing out from a talk building. I soon recognized it as Tegan's building. I dropped everything and ran towards it. Firemen were already there, and tried to grab me and keep me away from the building. I squirmed around and eventually got free. I ran into the building, and up a floor to Tegan's office. I started to cough because of all the smoke, and heard someone else's weak cough coming from inside the office. When I squinted, I could see the outline of a body, Tegan's body.

I ran to her and grabbed her arms. I was able to get her to stand up, and walk over to a fireman that followed me. I was about to follow, when the wall collapsed. I yelled as loud as I could with my weak, scratchy voice.

"Get her to safety!"

I felt something warm roll down my arm. I look down; I managed to get a cut from the walk collapsing. The pain didn't really register to me, all I could focus on was getting out of here. Oh, karma. I was late for lunch, so I get to die. I smile ryely. It could be worse; Tegan could be here too.

I dizzily fall into a table and knock over test tubes that have substances in them. Bright blue substances. One vial spills the substance on my cut. I gasp from the pain and fall to the floor. I cradle my arm to my chest and mentally say goodbye to everyone I know and love.

I take one last, shaky breath, and let the darkness take over. My last thought is: Tallen Thea Atwood is no more.

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