But I thought? - Larry Stylinson one shot.

Harry gets dizzy at a party, but right before he blacks out, he meets Louis.

The next day he wakes up at the hospital, but will he remember the ones that always stood him close or maybe the ones he just met?


1. But I thought?

There were red, blue, yellow, green; every color you could think of.

My head was spinning around and I started getting dizzy.

“Here! Take my glasses. They are pretty good to wear if you have taken drugs.” I looked at the man talking to me. “So look so funny! Why do you have two heads?” He laughed. “I don’t, but you my friend if high. Please sit down, or else you’ll hurt yourself.” I sat down, but my head was still spinning around.

“Here.” He handed me his glasses, and then he sat down beside me. “By the way I’m Louis. Louis Tomlinson.” I smiled. “I’m Harry. Harry Styles, I think.” I heard his laughter again. “You’re adorable.” My cheeks started to get even redder, and then I blacked out.


I woke up. Bright lights and a clean smell filled my lungs, a smell I hadn’t smelled for a very long time. “He’s awake!” I heard a female voice saying. I turned my head, and right next to me was a grown woman, with dark hair. “Excuse me? But who are you?” Her facial expression turned shocked. “You don’t remember me, Harry?” “Who’s Harry?” I asked. “You’re Harry.” A male voice said. I recognized it; it was Louis, Louis Tomlinson. “Louis?” The woman’s face turned surprised. “You remember him? But you met him just yesterday!”

What? I thought that I had known Louis my whole life?

Louis rushed to my side; he then held my hand tight. “Who are you again?” I asked the woman. “I-I’m your mum.”


“Then how come I don’t remember you?” She just shook her head.

Suddenly a doctor came. His hands were filled with a lot of different papers. “Hey Harry! How are you doing?” I thought for a moment, it was hard to explain the feeling, I was feeling. “I feel a bit confused.” He laughed a bit. “That’s quite normal, Harry; don’t you worry.” I smiled. “Do you remember anything?” He then asked. Louis stepped closer. “He remembers me, but only me.” He had a sad look on his face. “Oh!” The doctor said. “Usually the patients remember a family member and not a total stranger.” The woman, who said she was my mother, looked questioning at the doctor. “You see, the patient has to be with the person/persons he/she remembers at least for a week.” The woman started crying.

“I need you to sign these papers, miss.” She nodded. She then walked over to Louis. “Please take care of him, I know that you don’t know him, but you’re his only hope.” Louis smiled. “I will, miss”


We were walking towards Louis’ car, it was quite rusty.

It didn’t take long to arrive at Louis’ apartment.  We walked inside and I was met by the smell of Starbucks coffee. A girl with brown long hair, short shorts, crop top, Uggs and a Starbucks cup walked in front of me. “Hi! I’m Eleanor, I’m Louis’ girlfriend.”

Wait what? I thought Louis was my boyfriend?

I ran away, and hid under the bed. I heard Louis shouting, but I couldn’t understand a single word, since I was too busy crying my heart out.

A few minutes later I heard the door close.

Louis came into the bedroom; his face was filled with guilt. “I’m so sorry, Harry.” I looked him deep in the eyes. “No! It’s my fault, I thought that I remembered us dating, and when your girlfriend came and introduced herself, I just-” Louis stopped me by placing his hand on my shoulder. “She’s not my girlfriend.” “But she-“ He shook his head. “She’s my ex, we broke up months ago, but she keeps breaking into my apartment, I’m really thinking about calling the police.” That made me giggle a bit. “You’re cute when you giggle.” My cheeks then turned red. “Have you ever kissed someone? A guy?” I thought for quite some time. “I don’t remember.” He smiled. “Then let me be the first you’ll remember.” And then he kissed me. He stopped, but only to say: “I think I might be in love with you.” “I think I might too.”

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