Delicate *Larry*

Louis Tomlinson meets Harry Styles at his best friend Zayn's wedding. While the curly haired boy is singing during the reception dinner in his small town boyband White Eskimo , Louis finds himself becoming more and more interested with him. So will Louis have enough courage to confront the one and only Harry Styles and if so, will they have a future?


1. Chapter 1

Note: All chapters will be written in Louis' point of view unless informed otherwise.


I sit at one of the circular tables, hands shaking and picking at a stray strand of string on the expensive linen tablecloth. Zayn and Perrie were off cutting their wedding cake and shoving it in each other's faces and I was trying not to throw up at the thought of the curly haired wedding singer across the room. This boy was handsome, maybe a year or two younger than me but still I had that sexual appeal to him.


A shiver runs down my spine as he its a perfect high note, his voice ringing like bells throughout the room. "Why do you look so jumpy, mate?" Niall asks me, coming to my side. 


"N-N-No reason," I stammer and instantly curse myself. I curl my hands into fists, forgetting about the string and shut my eyes, trying to fight off a blush. Niall always knew when I was attracted to someone from the way I acted; like I was now. He had seen me like this, sadly, many times before because aside from Zayn, he was my best mate. 


Niall laughs. "Lad, c'mon, I'm not stupid. Who is it?" 


"D-Don't wanna s-say," I mutter into my hands which I had since cupped over my face to hide my blush. 


"Is it that boy with the black quiff? Not Zayn, obviously but the one next to him?" He guesses. 


"N-No," I say, glad he was guessing in the exact opposite direction of the curly haired boy. 


"How about that redhead over there?" Niall points again and I shake my head, barely looking up. "The brunette right there?" That was when he pointed to the boy; the boy he knew was right and I blush a cherry red, only to have Niall choke on his drink. "It's him! Oh god. The wedding singer, that's great," He says, howling with laughter. 


"S'not funny," I mumble, sipping my wine and trying to coax my blush from my cheeks. 


"You're right, you're right. S-Sorry," He says, sobering up. 


"I'll never have a chance with him anyway," I murmur with defeat. "He's too beautiful and wonderful and--" 


"Oh nonsense!" Niall cuts in, slapping me on the shoulder. "Get your ass up and go over to him. Introduce yourself. I'm sure he's getting bored and would love to have a cheeky lad such as yourself to entertain him," 


"He's p-probably not even g-g-gay," I point out, stumbling out of my chair. 


Niall laughs yet again. "Mate, did you see his bow tie? Of course he's gay," 


I shake my head, mumbling, "What's wrong with his bow tie?" under my breath as I take small steps toward him. He looked amazing, clad in a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled and his spotted bow tie tight around his neck. He sips from a chilled water bottle, curls falling over his eyes as he sets it back down and I almost turn back on my heel and head back to Niall. When I turn around and lock gazes with him, he shakes his head, motioning for me to turn around and keep going and I take a final deep breath, I take the last few strides toward him. "H-Hi," I say, staring down at my shoes. 


"Hi," He replies and out of the corner of my eye, I find him smiling. 


"I'm Louis and uh, I think you sing very well," 


The boy laughs, flicking his curls out of his eyes again before saying, "Thanks, mate. I'm Harry by the way," He holds out his hand for me to shake and I force myself to look up at him before pressing my shaky hand into his. "You okay? You're shaking," 


"Mhm," I squeak. "So uh, d-do you write these songs y-y-yourself?" I mentally kick myself for my nervous stutter, pushing my glasses up on my face. 


"I do," He smiles. "Usually it's around sunrise when all is quiet and it's only me and my thoughts," I nod, smiling shyly. "It's a beautiful wedding. You're the best man, ah?" 


"Y-Yeah. I-I heard Perrie knows you? A friend's cousin o-or something?" 


"Yeah, I've met Perrie a handful of times. Only met Zayn about twice. Talked about you quite a lot he did," He laughs. 


"G-Good things, I hope," 


Harry nods. "Of course. A few embarrassing stories the two of you have been through but what best friend wouldn't bring that up?" My face instantly goes beet red and my mind races, scanning all of the moments Zayn and I have gone through together and Harry continues before I could stutter out a responce. "But mostly he's told me what a big strong man you are," I catch him winking at me before turn turns back to his mic and motions for his band to start another song. 


My eyes go wide and I half sprint back to the table where I found Niall sitting. "Niall, oh my god," I stammer, eyes wide and blush on my cheeks. I push my glasses up again and he only smirks at me. 


"What'd he say to you? I saw him wink at you, Tomlinson." 


"I-I think he was f-f-flirting with m-me," My blush deepens and I stare down at my hands, hoping Niall wouldn't harass me too much over this and he says, "Told you he was gay," before handing me another glass of wine and sitting with me to watch the one and only Harry Styles sing his heart out.


So I'm really enjoying this Larry fanfic I'm writing. Sorry if it's a bit short. I'll try to make the chapters longer. As you have already figured, none of the boys are famous. In my head, I want fetus Harry and Louis back bc that's just perfect but everything else stays the same. Also, I think Louis with glasses is the cutest thing ever so Louis is sort of like a nerd cx 


-Shianne xx



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