Teenage life is an uphill struggle, with hormones raging through your body and problems along the way. Lorraine is a sixteen and ready for what life throws at her, but can she handle it? COPY WRIGHT of LAUREN MEAD 31/05/2014


1. Saved by the Bell

The clock at the front of the classroom ticked and ticked. The teacher was oblivious that her pupils' eyes were fixed on the time bomb above her head, and not on her.

60 seconds.

Her speech about Nazi Germany was coming to a close, and so was the students text books. I fixed my eyes on the clock above Mrs Gallows, tapping my feet in time to the tick tocks. 

20 seconds.

Mrs Gallows smiled, sending shivers up our spine's. Monsters should never smile. "Okay class, we will continue with our quest of Nazi Germany, after the Easter holidays. Don't forget to revise!"

5 seconds.

"Close your books, and leave quietly." She slammed her textbook. "Happy holidays."

0 seconds... HALLELUJAH!

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