Dreams Do Come True || H.S.

Bella is a seventeen year old girl and lives in London. She spends a lot of time with her friends and her sister. She's shy but can be outgoing as well, you just need to get to know her. But when you know her, you'll see how kind she is to everyone.

Bella is turning eighteen in a week and looking forward to it. Her sister promised to arrange her birthday and Bella has her outfit ready. But her birthday won't go as planned. But before her birthday her life changes when she's asked the question she couldn't even dream of. Do you want to be her?


1. The Question

I’m seventeen and I live in London. I’ve lived here my whole live. I love being in London. I love the many shops, the famous buildings, my friends and lots more. I love to go shopping with my sister and my friends. My sister is nineteen and we look a lot alike. I’m really excited, because I’m turning eighteen next week! Oh, I’m also a Directioner. Well, since I haven’t got any classes today I’ll just walk through town.

I get my phone and look what the weather is going to be like today. It’s going to be warm and sunny. I walk up to my window and open the curtains. The sun is shining bright and I open the window. A light breeze blows against my cheeks and I smell the flowers that are outside. I smile and walk over to my closet. I look for something to wear and see my flip flops. I get them out and put them on the ground next to me. I also pick out a loose blue top and my bleached shorts. I put them on and also put my flip flops on. I grab my phone and put it into my pocket. I brush through my hair and put it into a messy bun. When I’ve finished I go downstairs. I see a note my mom has left on the table together with some money and breakfast.

“Hey darling!

I left some money and breakfast on the table.

I don’t know if you eat with us but could you please get something to eat?

Cindy and I will be back at dinner.

See you soon! Xx Mom”

I eat some breakfast and brush my teeth after it. I grab my bag and put my purse with the money, my phone and my keys into it. I walk outside and close the door behind me. I start walking into the city. When I get into the city it starts getting quite busy. I look at all the people that walk past me: businessmen, mothers with children, people with lots of shopping bags and more kinds of people. I like days like these. I walk into my favorite little shop. “Hi Bella!” the owner of the shop says with a big smile. “Hello Mary!” I reply and smile back. “I’ve got some new stuff for you.” she says excitedly and gets out a small box. “Yay!” It’s a big advantage, knowing the owner of the shop. This shop has super cute little things and I just love coming here. “They’re really cute!” Mary says while getting everything out the box. She puts them on the counter. “I’ve got you normal bows, hairbands with bows, bracelets, rings and hairclips.” As you can tell, I really love bows. “Oh my. Mary, you’re amazing!” Mary smiles wide at me and hands me a bracelet. “Try it on!” I take the bracelet and put it around my wrist. While I’m putting it on Mary puts everything back in the box. Since I love pink she always orders everything in a light pink box. “I absolutely love it!” I smile wide at Mary and she smiles back at me. I hand her the bracelet and she puts it into the box as well before closing the lid. She hands me the box. “There you go sweetie.” she says and I take the box. “Thanks Mary!” I put the box into my bag. “Have you got any new items in the store?” I ask her with a smile. “I do! I’ve got cute little notebooks right here.” She walks over to the middle of the shop. “Here they are.” She smiles and I take a look at the notebooks. I pick out two different ones and together with Mary I walk back to the counter. I pay for the notebooks and put them into my bag as well. “Thanks for everything Mary!” I say and smile at her. “No problem Bella. Have a nice day!” “You too!” Mary and I smile at each other and I walk outside.

I walk toward the supermarket but suddenly bump into someone. “Ooh, excuse me.” I say but before I get the chance to walk further the guy I bumped into stops me. “Yes?” I ask, looking up to the man. “This may be a little bit weird but could we ask you a few questions?” At that moment I see another man standing next to the one I was talking to. I nod and they walk into a café. I follow them and they ask me to sit down. I sit down opposite of them. “Well, how old are you?” one of them asks. “I’m turning eighteen next week.” The men start talking in a lower voice. “Do you live here in London?” “Yes, I do.” They nod and look at each other. “And are you a Directioner?” “Yep! But why are you asking all these questions, if I may ask.” “Well,” one of them starts, whispering. “We’re looking for someone who could be Harry’s fake girlfriend. She has to be young and a Directioner so he gets a better reputation. You seem like the right one and we’ll even pay you. So yeah, do you want to be her?” 

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