A new era

A group of highly talented fourteen year olds leave the safety of their own home to enter a new boarding school. But not just any boarding school, a school for the gifted.


1. 1

All I could hear was the constant grunting in my ear of Will Shadowhunt. Lifting weights, trying to impress Aleesha Maynard. Of course, that would never work, because Aleesha was too busy chatting to her bestfriend Alice Gold. The richest little cow in all of Sky School. Not to say I didn't like her, most of the time she was as sweet as sugar, it was the other times though.

Will huffed again, not quite being able to lift all ten weights, he promptly dropped one on my foot. I honestly could have let out a scream to wake the dead, but I just stood there, letting my eyes tear up and face go as red as a tomato.


Will shrugged, I gave him the thumbs up sign because I couldn't speak, for I was clenching my teeth in pain. I rolled my eyes, I just couldn't believe the bad luck I was having today. First of all, Corrina Reed had accidentally spilt her energy drink all over my exam paper and then this! I just hoped this lesson would be better.

We were standing on the edge of a freezing swimming pool, most of us in bikini's (the girls). Well, except one of us. Roni Baxter, who had no fashion sense whatsoever! Her dark curls bounced of her shoulders in a wet tangle. Some boy had probably just pushed her in. Roni was pretty, no one could deny her that, but she was extremely socially awkward....

"Okay students! Time to partner up!"

A rabble exploded in the pool, Aleesha with Alice, Will with Robin, nobody and I. Becky my bestfriend was ill. So I decided to....

"Hi Roni, do you want to go together?"

Roni smiled,


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