Aptitude Test

So you can see how your aptitude test would have went, and what your results would be.


1. Form

Fill out the form below and answer the questions in the comments and I will post a chapter with your results as soon as possible.



Faction Born Into:




Enemy Faction(Personal, not public in your faction):

Favorite Object & why:



Help an elderly woman cross the street or cross the street alone faster?

Kill a suffering bird, do nothing, or free the bird and hope it survives?

Tell your parents that the fish died on its own, or tell your parents that you spilled the tank?

Umbrella or bucket of water?

Tell your friend you did well on the math test or tell your friend you didnt do well on the math test, if you didn't do well on the math test?

Help a friend illegally or don't help a friend illegally?

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