Lola , Lola rock her name is. She's been hiding for a few years now. But who WAS she hiding from? She doesn't even know that. Her father sent her away saying that something was wrong and she needed to go. So she's hiding. Hiding with a lovely family, and trying to live a new life. What will she say when things start to turn freaky.


1. chapter one.

I laugh slightly as I walk about with my friends Christina and Sam . I don't laugh often now. But only with them I find the happiness inside of me. Happiness. Happiness. The happiness that you get when you've got your family by your side. But yea. My father sent me away just about a year ago. He said something was coming, and I just think he's crazy. Ha. He was always paranoid and roamed the house with a gun by his side. Like ALL of the time. I was never aloud out after dark. But now I live a normal 14 year old life. Sleepovers . Eating. Out after dark. Eating. Shopping. Daily life style that is. I miss his craziness and my loving father, but sometimes I'm glad I'm away from the guns. He nearly shot me multiple times thinking I was something in the shadows when I got up during the night to do my business. Every time I try to contact him I get no answer. My mother of course doesn't answer either. She listens to my father and believes in his craziness. She says and I quote 'sometimes things that we cannot see are real. And we just need to know to be careful now that we know we have things that we cannot see' I thought she was crazy for a while . But she was probably just saying that to keep my father happy. (Like usual) my mother . She was small but she was very pretty. She had long dark hair that was always straight and her bangs always hung perfectly. Full lips and never really had to wear much make-up ,in school (when I lived with them) some boys would whistle at her.

"Lola... Lola?!" I feel one of my friends hit me on my arm slowly I turn around with a scowl rubbing my arm I look at Christina and keep my glare on her while we have a staring match "don't look at me like that! I'm only warning you , you're phone has rung like 5 times and if you don't answer it your carers and going to kill you." She rolls her eyes and continues walking with that sassy walk that I love. I look at my phone and notice it's still ringing so I answer it .

'Hey Lexie." I mumble.

"Hey Lola. I have phone you like 10 times. Where are you?" She asks with the tone that is warning and saying if I'm taking drugs I'm completely and utterly dead.

"I'm out at the mall with my friends , what's up?" I ask with a laugh in my voice. Soon after I hear my friends making weird noises.

"Hey Sam pass the weed!" I hear Christina shout I gasp.

"What was that Lola?" Lexie asks.

"Just Christina being a weirdow and trying to get me into trouble. " I say and hit both Sam and Christina on the back of the head which sets all of us into a fit of laughter.

"Children nowadays." I hear Lexie mumble to her husband Aidan.

"What is it anyway Lexie?" I ask as I wipe the tears away from my eyes.

"Be home for 9:00 we're going to have a kind of games night."

"Yea sure." I say quickly. "Bye Lexie." I mumble then hang up looking at Christina and Sam. "You're kidding me right?" They shake their heads. "Idiots." I mumble and slide my phone into my pockets.

"excuse me?" Christina gasps.

"Love you." I say with a grin. I smile then we all join arms and walk towards the mall.

When we finish shopping and Sam finally stops moaning when we leave the mall we head towards Nandos (SAMs idea) we giggle and chat as we nibble on our meals. Nandos being the best chicken place ever! We devoured every piece of our dinner. When we were waiting on our bill I felt that weird feeling that you get when you're being watched I turn around and see no-one there. I shrug it off and turn around and continue talking to Christina and Sam. We left the place after paying and made our way to the train station we got out tickets and we had to run for the 8:00 train. We got there as soon as it pulled up and we all sighed in relief. We got on and took the hour ride home. We relaxed and chatted. There was a delay in the train and I had to text Lexie saying I would be late. She wasn't particularly about this by the context of her text 'you have 'till 10 minutes after 9 or you will not be aloud out for a week.' The text gave me the shivers. A year I have been going out as I please and getting to do what I want and I didn't want that to be taken away from me so early .

I reached the house at 9:09 pm and I entered at 9:10 exactly I smiled proudly and slipped my shoes off and hung my jacket up and went in to see everyone sitting at the table. They had a game sitting on the table waiting. I craned my neck to see. Great snakes and ladders. Not soon after I came in I hear Lexie shout my name. I responded with a 'yea' and went into the kitchen she sighed as she sat down and Lucy the 5 year old daughter smiles at me widely I have her a light hug and kissed her cheek . I give Emily the 7 year old a hug. We never really got along. She didn't like me because she said I came in and took her mummy and daddy away from her. I would always scoff at that and ignore it. We started to play and I (surprisingly) won every game everyone got annoyed and I threw my hands up in victory excused myself after the 5th time winning and went up to my bed changed I looked out my window i kept staring at this one spot I would always stare at. Something white moved from within it and I jumped . I waited for a mother 10 Minutes and it happened again. I just thought it was my eyes playing with me and I clambered into my bed and soon fell asleep. But I couldn't get the image out of my head.

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