The super family 💪

A funny story based on a super family which saves the world from the craziest beasts



"Phew cum on son let's go kick some rats hahaha!" Shouted captain valiant (the dad) "yay your letting me hahahha sis you have to stay alone at home!" Shouted Authur (the brother) "No she doesn't here darling put your invisibility suit on" shouted valiant. "Yay! Dad your the best ,now who's been fooled!" Shouted Amy (the super sister). "Go call your mother will ya",called valiant. "Muuuuuuuuuugghm" shouted Authur loosing his voice. "Haha I don't think you can join your loosing your voice, you idiotic.... Thing" rudely said Amy. "Now now kids stop fighting" said vel (the mother) wearing her flexibility suit on. "Wow mom, you scared the life out of me!" Cried Authur. "Yeh that's cuz your a scary cat!" Laughed Amy sticking her tounge out, "eww something licked me, it's Behring me isn't it aaaaaaaahhhhhhh helpp!" Shouted Amy running." Hahaha" laughed Authur, "get her don't just stand there!" Shouted valiant.

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