The Blu Whale

The sea.
The whale.
The boy
The life.
When 8 year old Tiny goes on a vacation with his family to Tahiti, he starts noticing how beautiful the nature is. The green, the sea, and some other beautiful creatures like... The blue whale


1. Tahiti

Tiny loves the nature, the smell of the flowers, the sight of the blue crystal water, and the many beautiful creatures that has amazed him. Sounds like paradise huh? Well that's how Tiny and his family felt at the start of their move

I found him on a Sunday morning. It was around 8:00am when I brushed myself through the palm trees after hearing some strange noises that woke me up. It was a whale. A blue whale. It was not so big but very cute and the skin was soft and tender. I immediately named it Blu because it was blue and blue IS my favorite color. And How do I know that the skin is soft and tender? Cause I dived in the sea when I saw it. I touched it and brushed my fingers across the soft body. I wasn't afraid if it will hurt me. I wasn't afraid of anything at that time because this creature was just so beautiful and it hypnotized me into its own world. I heard people shouting at me, for me to stay away from the creature, but I didn't really care. I felt like I knew Blu forever and I wanted it to last forever. I was swimming so close to Blu but it didn't hurt me at all. I guess it was trained.

But I was wrong. It wasn't trained. Someone tugged me out of the water later on. I struggled and tried shaking the person of my body because I haven't had enough of Blu. But I'm only 8 I'm not stronger than any other adult so obviously the person managed to tug me out of the water. Blu started squealing because it didn't want me to leave either.

After drying myself, I asked the person that pulled me out of the water which he is called Tommy, apparently. I asked him

' Is Blu trained? Because he didn't hurt me when I swam so close to him'

'Who's Blu? ' Tommy questioned...

' That whale that I was in the water with' I replied

' Oh , well that whale's called Ethiopia and no, he's not trained'

At that moment, I didn't no what to say. Should I say... That I named Ethiopia.. Blu? Or should I asked how come Blu or Ethiopia to other people, why he didn't hurt me even though I was so close to him? I guessed I should take things one step at a time so instead, I asked him why Blu didn't hurt me.

'Well it's because Ethiopia is still a baby, if u noticed that It wasn't that big. And also, because it's attracted to you. It likes you just like how you like him'

Wow. I was amazed at that science. So amazed that I just have a little 'oh' as my reply.

Tommy then responded

' When I dived in there to rescue you I saw Ethiopia squealing like it didn't want you to go. He could have hurt me just to be able to keep u with him, but he didn't because he knew that if he hurt me, he will hurt you at the same time because I was carrying you.'

It was wonderful to know that Blu liked me too. I then announced to him that we should name Ethiopia.. Blu instead.

' Ethiopia isn't really a name that suits him.. Let's name him Blu instead' I exclaimed with a little tingle in my tummy hoping that Tommy would say yes.

' Well, the reason we named him Ethiopia was because I love that country and he was the first whale that I've ever met that's why I named him Ethiopia.'

I pulled a sad face like a little child that wanted a toy. Tommy looked at me and gazed in the orange sky for awhile then looked at me again. Instead of relating to the whale's name, Tommy asked me ,

' Hey kiddo, what's YOUR name ?'

' My name's Tiny '

' Well you see Tiny, I saw how much that whale loved you and how much you loved him. So here's the deal, I give you this whale for the entire time you're here and you get to name it and be with it anytime and however you want. I've never seen Ethiopia love someone so much like that.. So here you go.. Name it Blu if you want! '

I was soooooo happy that I jumped with joy and accidentally kicked some sand in his eye.

' Oh my! I'm so sorry Tommy! '

' It's ok, I'll go get some eye ointment for my eye you go have fun' Tommy replied holding his eye.

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