Planet: Hollywood

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  • Published: 31 May 2014
  • Updated: 31 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
It is inspired by the fabulous Britney Jean Spears


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     There is a planet no one knows that exists. It is very far from our galaxy. We may never reach or see it. But one thing is for sure. On that planet lives only one human being. Just like the story for the Little Prince. But in difference to that French story, on planet Hollywood lives a girl. A beautiful, innocent and talented girl named Britney Jean. She is more famous with the name Britney Spears but I like call her Britney Jean. It is more intimate.

Sometimes the beautiful girl was lonely. She, just like the Little Prince, was also of royal descent. She was a princess. But not ordinary one. Britney Jean is the princess of pop and a ruler of the planet Hollywood.

Being the most famous girl can isolate you from everybody.

Most of the time Britney sings and dance. Sometimes she visits her beautiful big garden full of red and white roses. But the princess was prettier than them. She was the perfection itself.

Despite having everything a girl can dream, there is something missing in her life. Something so great and invisible for the eyes-LOVE. Britney was longing to love and to be loved.

Just to make her less sad, I give her all my love.

Do you want to meet Britney and give your love to her, too?

Don't be afraid. She is up there........waiting..............


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