The Magic Unicorn

Chloe and her best friend Megan enter a magical world. In that magical world they must defeat and evil mastermind, Caitlin, before she gets to the Magic Unicorn. But what if she does get the unicorn? What will she do with it? Will it be in danger?


1. Meet Chloe. Oh, and Megan.

                                                                Chloe's P.O.V


Hi I'm Chloe. I've got black shoulder length hair. Oh, and I'm diabetic. Yeah. It's a harsh world. Anyways I have my best friend that's always there for me. That's Megan. Were so close. She has really curly ginger hair. Anyway today we're going to Porthcawl. I can't wait! It's the first time im going anywhere without my mum to help with my diabetes. It's gonna be fun!

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