is it real?

Maisy is a girl of kindness and confidents but when her mum dies it all changes. when she meets Niall will she get her confidence back?


1. The day i met Niall.

Maisy's Pov

"Maisy get up here now!" shouted my dad. I did as I was told. "why haven't you done my bed young lady?"

"You were asleep." i replied. with that he told me to lie down on the bed. then he took my clothes off and started to climb on top of me. he took his clothes off and climbed back on top of me. Suddenly the door rang, he got his clothes on and went to answer it. I quickly got my clothes on. My dad came up and went to the toilet. i ran downstairs and out the door. it was as fast as my little legs could take me. Then I bumped into him Niall Horan

Niall's Pov

I was wondering who was running and why. so i  went over to see and she bumped into me. "sorry." I said. "What is your name?" i asked 

"Maisy"she replied.  I asked her why she was running. she told me that her father keeps raping her so i said she could come home with me.

she agreed and i called a taxi to take us home


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