Memory (Calum Hood)

"Calum... you know what I have to do." His eyebrows furrowed for a second, then realization slapped him in the face. His eyes widened, the color draining from his face. He shook his head, fear in his eyes.
"No... no, no, Cade. Absolutely not." He fumbled with his words, and his eyes filled with tears. I felt warm, salty liquid spill from my eyes.
"Calum... I have to. You know too much," I choked. There was only hurt and betrayal in his beautiful orbs.
"Cade... If you do this, I'll never forgive you. In any lifetime," he repeated, still stumbling with his words. A noise escaped my throat, something in between a sob and a choke. Tears rolled down Calum's face.
"One day you'll understand, Cal," I whispered, taking a step forward. He took a step backward at my movements, his back hitting the brick wall. He shook his head.
"Please don't, Cade. I don't want to forget," he whispered. I took another step, and I touched his face, then pressed my fingers to his temples.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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