Prongs and Evans

This is a story back when The Marauders were in full. When they were in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Prongs= James. Pad foot= Sirius. Moony= Lupin and Worm tail= Peter. Lily vans has finally fallen for James. What will the other Marauders think when James doesn't show up at full moon under the Womping Willow.


1. The Scarlet Train

I looked for Lily and then I found her in a carriage alone and asked if the seat was taken. She replied with 'it is now, Lily Evans and you are?'

I told her my name when a boy with dark brown hair walked in. "Oh sorry am I interrupting?" he asked.

"No!" Lily and I said in sync.

"I am Sirius Black," he said " and you are....."

"James Potter"

"Lily Evans"

"Sit down please Sirius'' Lily said " James and I were getting to know each other.''

"woah!" I said as Hogwarts came into sight "We'd better change into our robes."

"James, if you ever like me, which you won't, don't get jealous when I am hanging with Severus Snape. I have known him for ages." Lily said.

"Who is Severus? He sounds nice." I replied.

"We're here!" Sirius screamed.

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