Into The Darkness

Eighteen-year-old Rebecca Night is the sixth child of the late queen of Corona. She seeks a husband from the neighboring city across the northern mountains, a man whom she has penned for years. Escorted by her most trusted guard, she climbs over the cold mountains.
Meanwhile the Darkness has fallen. The group of sorcerering assassin's was once widely respected and feared, but after the Great War of the Races they have faded into nothing. The only remains of the group is the Queen, Shadow and her daughter Shade. They are Darkesses, witches of the night, and evil.
Desperate for companionship and another solider, Shade captures Rebecca. Shadow accepts the child-but the normal Rebecca wouldn't do.
Rebecca had to be a Darkess.


1. Chapter One

The road was a long one, but it was one I had to take for companionship.

     The snow was falling hard and fast, and I pulled my hood over my head. My dress, different shades of purple, was worn to represent the Kingdom of Corona. But I wished for something else, anything else. While the dress was beautiful, with its dark purple stripes down the skirt and the light purple accents, it was not meant for the weather I was enduring. The wind blew in the thin air and threw my blonde braid all around. My horse shivered. I pulled my cloak tighter around me.

     “Miss Night, shall we sit for supper?” My escort said from the horse next to me.

     “Robert, I told you to call me Rebecca,” I said.

     “Okay, Miss Rebecca, but that didn’t answer my question.” I sighed and said, “Why not. I’m starving, anyway.” I saw a recess in the mountain rocks ahead. It seemed to be large enough to shelter us for a simple supper. “I’m going to this cave!” I called. “Meet me up ahead!”

“Miss-Miss Rebecca, wait up! What cave?!” Robert called after me. But I trotted up ahead anyway.

     The cave was farther than I thought, and as I dismounted my horse I looked in the distance and couldn’t see Robert anywhere. I cried out his name but the only answer was the wind roaring loader. The snow piled up quicker, and I started supper without him. I didn’t know how to make a fire, and if I could I would’ve, but there was no firewood, for Robert had it all. I sat, eating my buttered bread. The fish began to smell and I realized I must have been sitting in the cave for a while, waiting for Robert. I couldn’t eat rotten fish and I couldn’t have cooked it when it was good, anyway. So I pulled out a blanket and rested my head on the cave floor. The only light was the dying lantern sitting next to me. And when it died, I was fast asleep.

     “Get up, Sleeping Beauty!” I looked up to see a pair of eyes staring down at me. Black bangs framed her petite face, and her dark red lipstick stood out on her pale skin. Her black dress was hardly visible in the light of her lantern, and the red accents were the color of the blood on my hands. They were scratched from the rocky cave floor, and my head ached from the pain of jumping up in fright and slamming it on the cave wall when the mysterious woman awoke me.          “Huh?” I rubbed my head dizzily. The woman was fuzzy now, and everything was spinning around. The woman turned around, smacking me in the face with her long dark braid. “Who do you think you are?”

     “Shade,” the woman replied.

     “What kind of a name is that?” “The name of the Princess of the Darkness, that’s what.” I pursed my lips. Then, after a moment of thought, my jaw dropped to the ground. “You fool! The Darkesses fell and faded long ago. You can’t possibly think any different.”

     Shade scoffed. “You mortals are so ignorant. The Darkesses cannot be destroyed. Yes, we can fall, as our lack of soldiers displays. The Darks aren’t as powerful as the Darkesses. The Darkesses cannot be destroyed.” A grim grin spread across her face. “Doesn’t that sound great?” “No! You people are evil! You-“

“Oh, my dear, we are not ‘people.’ We are Darkness.” And with that, the shadows around me twisted to Shade’s will until my world went dark.


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