Fire is Not a Thing to Play With

"People think I'm a monster.......I'm not a monster, I just can't accept limits."
"People think I'm a human.........I'm not human, I exceed limits."
"People think they know me.........They don't, I'm a mystery."
"People think they can't see me..... They can, just look up."
Book One in the "Fire,Water,Earth,and Air" Series.


1. Out of Control

"Everybody thinks I'm a monster, I'm not a monster, I just can't accept limits..."

                -Victoria Fire


I looked at the clock, "9:30...... WAIT 9:30!" I yelled, I had to escape the CSI would be here any minute to look at the crime scene of my sister..... And I burned her, I was the murderer. I look on the ground I see my sisters dead, lifeless body on the ground with burn marks on her, and a flame mark on the back of her wrist... I'm cause for this, I got out of control, again....... This is how my parents died, along with the rest of my siblings but one, Kara she escaped before I killed Valla last night.... Kara has powers too, along with Valla, and ummm I can't name her, cause I've shut my memory's of her out for many years...

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