Ready Or Not?

Being a new author on here scares me a bit, iv never truly been able to share my work. I hope you enjoy the story, feedback would be much appreciated!!

-Thanks, Tal



Rain pounded against the apartment roof, a brown haired girl laid in bed and listened, this always seemed to do the trick, the rain was always a welcomed noise. Her brown eyes where tired from the previous day, and her skin had lost it's once natural glow, she was just a dull existence, a star about to burn out. After the rain failing to lull her to sleep, she got up and walked out to her kitchen and walked to the counter and reached up on her fridge for some tea, grabbing a cup out of the dish rack; when a great big German Shepherd lumbered over and nudged her hand, she gasped frightened then looked to see the loving eyes of the only guy she could depend on, "Atticus, you startled me!" She whispered to the dog, who happily wagged his tail and hoped for a cookie and some cuddling, she softly laughed and grabbed the dog treats and tossed him then finished with her tea and sat on the floor with her back against the fridge and Atticus's head in her lap, she drank her tea slowly and looked at the dog, she pet his head. "We should go out tomorrow," she told him, he wagged his tail twice In agreement, she smiled slightly, set her cup to the side put both hang on the side of the dogs giant face and kissed his head. She reacher for her cup got up, placed it in the sink shut off the light and walked walk to her room with her hands hugging her sides, aching. She slid into bed and a chill ran thew her body, she softly whistled and Atticus ran into the room and jumped on to the bed cuddling up to her putting his head on the pillow next to hers, she reached over and rapped her arms around his neck and nestled into his fur, breathing in his warm smell, she fell asleep whispering, "Good boy, good boy, good boy....."

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