getting amnesia🙊

When something tragic happens in crystals life she is left fighting with amnesia read this story to see how life changes for her and her friends and family !


1. "work"


"Beep beep beep " i heard my alarm go off . I got up and got ready for work . Working at a grocery store wasn't hard but it sure was difficult at times.

I got up and then got in my black t-shirt and in the top corner of the t-shirt was the title neddys fruit&veg that was the name of the store. we would call it neds for short. I brushed my long black hair reaching to my waist then tying it up in a high pony tail.

Then saying goodbye to my mum and dad and sisters (jennete,abi and Lauren)i then went out the door then running into my boyfriend louis as he was coming in he said to me "do you wanna hang today"then kissed me i replied "work" then getting in my car and driving of i looked at my boyfriend who was kissing me a kiss good bye. I smiled.

I arrived at work and went to the counter where i got a phone call it said unknown call but i answered. Turns out it was louis asking to go to some BIG party.

I wasn't sure ? But i said yes just to make him happy . He said "YES" in a happy way and i smiled to know he was happy. I said "see you at 8" then hung up the phone with biting my lip and smirking.

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