The TimeLords

(Thanks you C.H. Potter for the cover)

This is just some stories I made up when I got bored. A lot of them will include injures or sickness. Many will be One Shots but I will add it in the beginning of the chapter if it's a one shot. This story includes Merlin and Will Scarlett being TimeLords. The Doctor is there father. Thy both have a TARDIS as well because when the Doctor stole his TARDIS, there is one detail he left out. His sons were with him. Most of the characters are from Merlin and Doctor Who. Like Merlin's companion is Clara. The Doctor is still In his tenth form so his companion is Martha. Will's companion is Rose. Sorry for the long description and randomness


1. intro

Note: This takes place in season 2 of Merlin. Season 3 of Doctor Who. And season 1 of Robin Hood. Sorry for randomness. My mind is just a strange thing.

Merlin's companion is Clara Oswald.

Will's companion is Rose Tyler.

The Doctor's companion is Martha Jones

All TARDIS's are police boxes like the Doctor's.

The first official chapters will be published I about three weeks.

This intro is like a teaser trailer.

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