The reabal little sister

Things changed when he left but I don't need him anymore I can take care of my self now so fuck him I have some one eles someone who loves me and hates his brother as much as I hate mine

"The Bad girl aaliyah"
This store has some bad Langue


1. the hell whole

Aaliyah's Pov

I was woken up by the most fucking annoying sound in my life my moms voice yelling at me to get up and get ready for school she has been being a pain in my ass every since dad died that was a couple of months after zayn left for the x-factor and got put in that gay band he loves it so much he didn't even come home for dads funeral

"AALIYAH GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED NOW" mom yelled in a exra bitchy voice this is going to be just a bloody good day I can already tell note the sarcasm as I finally got up and out of bed I walked in to my bathroom and started a shower I pilled my dirty close off and threw them in the Hamper I stepped into the shower letting the warm water run over my body I washed my blue hair and my body I got out and raped a towel around my body and walked into my room to my closet I picked out some light blue ripped skinny jeans with a white crop top that says in big dark letters "ROCK ME HARD" and my leather jacket I walked back into my bathroom and brush my teeth and do my make up I don't like to ware a lot so I just put on eye liner and mascara and head to my room to grab my shoes and bag I grab my black ankle converses and bag and head down stares as I enter the kitchen my mom starts to yell at me surprise surprise

"AALIYAH what the fuck toke you so long I have been calling for you for the past 35 minuets..."and she just keep blabbing about whatever I did this time and how what I do makes her look bad blah blah blah is all I heard I just grabbed a pop tart and walked past her and out the door I got in to my black mustang and sped down the road to the hell whole they call high school as I drove into the parking lot all eyes were looking at my car and as I got out of the car and looked around giving the death glare to everyone they all were scared of me and turned away I was what you would call the "bad girl" of the school but I don't know why everyone just pissed me off Its not like I toke money from the nerds or something like that and I only got into a fight if some one pissed me off or they were talking bad about me and well I just hated it here and everyone here as I entered the school it went silent as I was walking down the hall to my locker everyone got out of my way makeing a path in the middle of the hall as I'm walking I see the most popular bitch at the school along with her slut squad whispering and laughing at me so I Decided to walk over

"What's so funny bitch"I hissed I can see her smirk at me and she simple reaplys with "you." People in the halls gasp she had enough confidence to get up in my face and pushed me to the ground and turned around to her girls and smiled I got up and just chuckled she think it's over I grabed her shoulders slamming her agents the lockers on the other side of the hall walking up to her face all her confidence was replaced with complete fear

"WHAT the fuck did you say to me" i screamed at her she didn't say anything she just stood there to scared to say any thing I throw her on the ground ware he friends were standing and turned to the crowed on the other side of the hall

"Anyone else have something to say" I said in a loud and pissed off voice everyone shook there head no very quickly with that I turned around and as I was walking to my locker to get my things the bell rang and everyone hurried to class me on the other hand toke my time walking to class I don't like to run as I entered the class I was a good 10 minutes late the class was a good ways away from my locker but I don't care that I was late this teacher was a dick anyway so I opened the door and everyone went quite and the teacher looked at me

"Want to tell the class why your late ms.malik" mr.dickhead asked

"Nah I'm good" I said which I know pisses him of I've done it for quiet some time now then I walked to my sit in the back but some dude was sitting in it that I've never seen before probably just another rude ass jock I walked up to him and said "get out of my sit dick" he smirked and said " I don't see your name on it babe" damn this Dumass just don't know who his messing with "it will be written in your fucking blood if you don't move your ass" he face was in pure shock then it turned to a smirk and got up and whispered in my ear "feisty I see but I like it" and then he smacked my ass i Immediately turned around and smacked him in the face

"MS.MALK and MR.HORAN TAKE A SET NOW" mr.dick I mean dean yelled

So I sat in MY sit and threw this mr.horans stuff on the ground and sat my bag next to my desk and put my feet up on some nerds desk across the aisle from my desk this horan guy picked up his stuff and headed to the other side of the class I swear I have heard that stupid last name before oh well who cares any way

As this class was comeing to a end a note was put on my desk and being the curious person I am I opened it it read

Meet me on the football field after class

Nick H. ;)

Question was who the hell is Nick H.

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