Loss changes people

Everyone thought Glen and Maggie would last forever , but when one of them dies the other finds comfort in someone else... How will the others react to this new found love? Read on to find out.


1. Her death

Glenn's P.O.V

When we run into these stupid walkers by ourselves it just get on my nerves so bad and what I mean by "by ourselves" I mean me and Maggie left the group to be on our own. We thought it was for the best so that they could have more food and stuff with us gone. We just loved them to much is what my Maggie always says.

I turned around because I heard shuffling behind me that certainly didn't belong to mags and I was right it was another stupid walker and another and another we can't handle all this by ourselves we jut can't I thought all this silently to myself.

I scream for Maggie to run, but she doesn't in fact she walks straight into the hungry horde of zombies and I couldn't do anything I just was froze, so I had to just stand there and listen to her painful screams. This hurt a lot.

I ran for my life after that trying to make it back to the group and I finally did the the angry and hungry zombies on my ttail. When I got there they opened up the prison gates swing me coming and let me in. They automatically started killing them and now I was safe I was determined to never leave the group again.

That's when I spotted him the one I truly loved not Maggie she was more of a sister to me really. I ran to Daryl as fast as possible and smashed my little Asian lips to his and everything suddenly felt right in the world again. When we pulled apart with Daryl's arms wrapped around me we heard clapping and cheering, and that's when I realized my life was perfect once again...

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