"Zayn." -Ziall Horlik one shot

Zayn and Niall meet each other, when they're put in to a group, but Zayn can't join it.

Or maybe that's just what the other members think.


1. "Zayn."

It was back in 2010, when I auditioned for X-Factor. They told me that I’d gotten three yeses. After that moment I was so happy, I couldn’t even describe it, but it didn’t last long. Soon I was at the bootcamp, and they told me that I hadn’t made it through. I was devastated, and tears streamed down my face.

“Excuse me! Do we have a Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and… a Niall Horan?”  

Niall Horan? That was me.

I couldn’t believe it, whatever it was, it was something.

I thought that they were going to tell us something like: “We’re sorry that you didn’t make it, but try again next year.”

They didn’t.

They told us, that they wanted us in a boyband, and that if we were okay with it, we could go to the judges’ houses as a group. We took one look at each other and at the same time we all said: “YES!”

We didn’t know each other, but there was something about the raven haired boy. He didn’t talk much, and I just thought that he was shy. So I went up to him to talk to him.

“Hi, I’m Niall. What’s your name?” I took my hand out, for him to shake it, but he didn’t.


That was all. He only said ‘Zayn’ and then he left. One of the other boys came over to me. “Hey, I’m Liam. You’re Neil right?” I looked at him and corrected him. “It’s Niall.” He nodded. “Hi! Niall.” I smiled. “I saw you talking to Zayn, he doesn’t talk much. Does he?” He asked. I shook my head, no.


A few minutes later, I saw Louis and Harry holding hands, like they had known each other for a long time.

“Do you know what’s up with Zayn?” Liam asked them. They both nodded in sync. “He’s not allowed to be in the band, because of his stepdad.”

Wait what?

“Why?” I suddenly asked.

“I guess his stepdad is a bit homophobic.” Louis said. I still didn’t understand.

“But who’s gay?”

They all looked at me, like I was crazy. Harry lifted his and Louis’ hands up.

“Ooh…” Was all I could say.

 “So he’s not joining the group?”

Liam then began smiling. “Well Simon gave Zayn’s stepdad some money, hoping that it would change his mind, and it did. Actually he kept the money and threw Zayn out, so he doesn’t have a place to stay. I guess that that’s why he was a bit grumpy today.”

God! That boy can talk.


Before I could think, I said: “He can stay at my house.”

They all looked at me, like I was some crazy person.

“Well… I guess that he can, but you might want to ask him first.” Harry said, while he squished Louis’ hand. Louis started giggling, and then they got even more fascinated by each other, and they started snogging.


“I’ll see if I can find him.”

I started looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found.


I saw a piece of black hair, behind the couch. There he was.

“Zayn?” I took a deep breath. “Are you okay?” He whipped his eyes. “I’m fine, thanks.” I looked him deep in the eyes. “Zayn, I know what happened. You can just stay at my place, I won’t mind.”

“Really?” His eyes brightened. “Yeah, mates help their mates, right? That’s what friends are for.”


He sighed.


“You don’t know why I got kicked out, do you?”

Now I got confused. “Well yeah, because Louis and Harry are gay and your stepdad doesn’t want you in a group with homosexuals.”

“No, that’s not why.” I looked at him, trying to read his mind, but it didn’t work. “He didn’t kick me out because of Louis and Harry’s sexualities. He kicked me out because I’m gay.”

I gasped; I didn’t expect that one coming.


“Well if it makes you feel any better, I’m bisexual.” He looked me in the eyes. “Really?” “Yeah.”

I stood up, so that he was in the same eyesight as me. He cupped my chin, and leaned in.

I was on the edge to panic; I had never had my first kiss before.


“Please just close your eyes.” He said with a calming voice.


I did it.

I closed my eyes, and we kissed.


It was magical and unbelievable. There were sparks everywhere, and at that moment I knew, that he was the one.

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