Forest Love

When are you not alone? You are always alone. No matter how hard you try to be with people , fear picks on you alone. Avoiding the fear does not eliminate it . The lives of Raz and Clyde are in danger . Find out how they discover the true story of the spirit following them .


1. It all starts with a Sunday Morning

 8th June , 2013

Razdor was fast asleep when his alarm buzzed. His sister, Clyde , who used to sleep in the same room  , woke up due to his alarm and shouted at him. A wonderful way to begin a Sunday morning , eh.

" Get your ass up , Raz , It's Sunday , we need to be going to Almanrov Forest today . I've waited all week for this trip , get up , it's already 10 AM "

Sleepily he walks towards their bathroom. Rubbed his eyes , only to see this in his mirror.

Raz freaked out and called for Clyde, who was packing their bags for their journey. After freshening up , they started out by 11 am . It was just the beginning of the horror that awaited them. Now this forest, unlike other forests had small bushes and saplings unlike huge trees at the start. They could see everything for miles and miles away. By around 2 PM , they had to rest . It had been a very long walk and so they sat under a Banyan Tree. The road ahead was all huge, bulky trees now. The moment Raz related his incident of the bathroom , there was a strong wind flow , branches started falling down on them and they both fainted.

7 pm when Raz woke up . Clyde was not responding. Raz realized that he was under a Banyan tree but not the same one. He was in some other region of the forest which he didn't have a clue about. Slowly he picked up Clyde , walked straight ahead , unsteadily , tired and  scared. It was dark already. The crows and sparrows were screaming out loud and flying awkwardly. Another eerie thing about this forest was that it was quite deserted . No sign of any human civilization nearby, which made it even more scary for Raz to think of a way out. The moonlight gave him a chance to move along without colliding with trees. After walking for another mile , he saw a shadow behind him. When he looked back , it vanished. He was sure of a shadow though. Again he saw the shadow but he chose to not look back , this time the shadow's hands grasped out towards him. Invisible force held onto his collars strangling him tightly . He tried screaming but he choked. Clyde woke up when he dropped her down. Only when she tried looking for the shadow would it disappear, Raz felt no force on his collars anymore.

"I ...need.. water " said Raz. Clyde flew open the basket, gave him some mineral water. They sat down under a bougainvillea tree. The pink flowers looked dull as though they weren't alive. Waiting for a miracle , they went off to sleep.

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