Behind a Girls Face

Every thought of a teenage girl and how they feel.


1. The square off

There is always that one friend we all have a as girls. That friend is a type of friend under the category of "friend" and "enemy". I guess you can call it a "friend-enemy". You feel you can trust her with your deepest secrets and she'll trust you with hers. Then there comes a doomsday upon us girls when that friend-enemy will totally turn on you for no apparent reason (none that you can think of anyways) and be a brat to you. She will continue to repeat this behavior. When you realize that this coward has no business to do with you, you become to be the friend that turns. But it's okay. You have turned your back on her for a good reason! Leave that backstabbing girl. You don't need a friend like that. When the friend-enemy sees that she needs you in your life again she will come back to you, but you know what she is like. It's was never a good use of your time spending it with her. This is when the square off comes. I have begin to notice that a friend-enemy is always usually a bigger person than yourself and does act tough but that okay. It's time to show her who is boss. You make that girl regret every time she messed with you! You win the battle. If you happen to lose, don't lose a quitter. Walk away with dignity. Have pride in your self that you could get away from her dramatic life when her other friends are still stuck with the girl known as the friend-enemy.

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