Never Meant to Be

Mia Triste is like no other girl. On her list of things she dislike, the top two things are playboys and romances. So what happens when she meets Ash Reed, a boy that is not only a playboy but also an expert on romance. Will he be able to open her heart? Will they be together or will their past get in the way?


1. Prologue

     I walked nervously into the café.

     "Hello, Miss. May I help you?" A waiter stood there waiting for my response.

     "Um...yes." I tucked a few strands of hair that fell loose when I lowered my head. My heart was beating extremely fast. I don't like situations like these. Questions like 'what should I do' and what should I say' kept circulating through my mind. I finally made the decision to say what I want to say. "I am looking for someone."

     "Ma'am-" The waiter was interrupted by a figure behind me.

     "She's with me."

     I took a 180 degrees turn. a smile made its way across my face as I saw the figure. "Ivan!"


     Ivan pulled a chair out for me. "Thank you," I said. I sat down and waited for him to take a seat, but he remained standing. "Is something wrong?"

     Ivan placed both of his hands on the table. "Am I a stranger to you?"

     I gave him a 'what are you talking about' expression. "What do you mean?"

     "I mean... You shouldn't be so courteous to me."

     I giggled. "Courteous?" I stood up and place my hands on his shoulders. Then, I guided him to his seat. "Sit." He obeyed me and sat down. "Ivan, there is something you must understand." He gave me his full attention. "No matter how close we are, there are still times when we should say thank you. I am not being courteous; I am showing my gratitude." I gave him my brightest smile and sat back down on my seat.

     Ivan nodded. "True." "Well..." He grinned. "I thank you for your advice."

     I made a courteous little nod and giggled.

     Ivan looked around. "Where's Asher?"

     "He went to school," I answered.

     Ivan looked puzzled for a second. "School...?" Then, the realization came to him. "Oh yeah! He turned five this year. It is time for him to go to school." He crossed his hands. "Aren't you worried? Today is his first day of school right?"

     I shrugged and sighed.

     He chuckled. "What is that expression suppose to mean?"

     I sighed again. "I was really worried that Asher would make a fit and not want to go to school, but..."

     Iva leaned forward. "But...?"

     I pouted. "I ended up being the one wining and crying for him to stay at home with me."

    Ivan burst out laughing. "So he ended up comforting you." 

    I rolled my eyes. "Do you have to laugh that hard? It's just that I have never let Asher leave my side for this long. He has always been by my side for this six years."

    Ivan stopped laughing and a serious expression replaced his smile. "Yeah, it has been six years since then..."

     A familiar solemn feeling crept towards me. "Yeah, since then..." Ivan suddenly grasped my hands. I flinched and my eyes met with his. "Ivan, what-"

     "Are you still thinking about him?" His expression was serious and a little...hurt?

    I slipped my hands out of his and averted my eyes. "That's an...awkward topic." I giggled nervously.

     He grabbed my hands again- this time, tighter. "You can't escape this topic every time it comes up. I know you know that I like you, and I know you still can't forget about him, but have I not walk into your heart in these six years? Can I still not replace the position that he occupies in your heart?"

    I slowly freed my hands from his. "You are already in my heart. You are very important and special to me, but you can never replace him. Just like how he can never take your place in my heart, you can never take his place in my heart."

     Ivan laid back and laughed bitterly. "Your answer is so like you. Is that your way of rejecting me?"

     My heart felt like someone is squeezing it. "Ivan," I said softly. Maybe, he is more important to me than I thought.

     After a minute, a sound of a snort came from Ivan. Then, he started laughing like he just witnessed something extremely funny. He reached out one of his hands and started ruffling my hair. "What are you being all sad for? I was the one who was rejected."

     My eyes surveyed him. How can he act all happy and stuff right after what just happened. "Ivan..."

     He knocked on my head once. "Don't give me that pity expression. It's not your first time rejecting me anyways."

    I gave him a gentle smile. "Don't get used to it." I rubbed the spot where he hit me. It didn't hurt that bad, but it still stung. Then, I reorganized my hair. I was so glad that I had short hair or else it would've took me forever to untangle it.

    Ivan looked up to the ceiling and tapped his chin. "Hmm... True!" He gave me a mischievous grin and pointed towards me. "I want compensation."

     I stared at him, completely speechless. What in the world is wrong with him. 

    He leaned forward. "Tell me about...him."

    His words took me by surprise. I looked down. "Why do you want to know about him?"

    "Well, I just want to know about the person who came into your heart and lived in it for this long even when he is not by your side anymore. The reason you can't choose me is partially his fault, so I want to know about this obstacle before I take anymore action." He gave me what he thought was a serious expression, but this time, I could tell that he was just joking.

    I scowled. "Obstacle?"

    He grinned. "Fine! I just want to know what type of person did you fell in love with. What were you like back then? What were you like when you were with him?"

    I sighed heavily. "You really want to know?"

    He nodded and gave me his full attention. "If it is not too hard for you."

    "I think I can manage, but it is a long story."

    Ivan stirred the coffee that he was drinking. "That's why we're here. You can take as long as you want."

    I gave him a weak smile, because by that time, the memories that I tried to lock up are slowly coming back to me presenting itself clearer than ever. I took a deep breath and started his and my story. "His name is Ash Reed."


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