Grimm Academy Rapunzle's Bad Hair Day

Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzle are one of the most popular fairy tale princesses in the world. But you don't know how they baca me a fairy tale.

Rapunzle, the new girl, meets new friends and does pretty well in school. But when Rapunzle accidentally cuts her hair off, how will she fulfill her fairy tale?


1. The New Girl

Rapunzel trotted to her new school. Her new life. Her new home, Grimm Academy where every persons' fairy tale comes true. Well, if you're worth it. She opened her tote bag and pulled out her brush full of long, black strands of hair. She combed through her hair once more and put the brush back inside. Then she got out her eyeshadow and reapplied more layers on her eyelids. She straightened her black dress and dusted off her black shoes. Well, she was goth so don't argue with me. She got out the letter again and checked the address. It's correct. She was at the right place. The Grimm bros. invited her to the school where she could fulfill her fairy tale. At least she could escape her doorless, one window tower and her evil, cruel, old, cranky mother. She walked forward and gasped.

The castle was ENORMOUS. There were two towers. One pink and one black. Ugh, she thought. Pink. She HATED pink. She entered the open gates. Princes an princesses were crowed in groups talking without taking notice to Rapunzel. She brushed her seventeen feet long hair once more.

"Hey," she heard someone say. "Who's she?" Everybody started to take notice. She hated attention. She liked sitting in one corner all by herself in the shadows while everybody was in the sunshine running around like a pig being chased by a dragon. "Wanna know who I am?" She challenged as she heard rude remarks about her hair, her looks, and herself. "Well I'm Rapunzel!" She said sneering. "Looks like a villain to me," began one of the two snobby twin sister lifting their chins up high. "Definatly!" Replied the other sister. Rapunzel gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. First of all she had anger problems. Second of all, she got annoyed VERY easily. She picked up her hair and waved it around in the hair like a lasso and in the shape of a lasso. She threw her long hair and grabbed both sisters.

"Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!" They both screeched. Then she ran over to the moat and dunked them in the water. She freed them from her hair and dried it off. They floated back up spluttering and cussing. Everybody else was snickering and laughing. Some even threw stuff at them. "I'll get you!!!" They both screamed. "Ummm.... Marilynn?" One of them pointed out. "What Odette?" Marilynn sneered. "Something's in the water," Odette stammered. Then something jumped out of the water with its jaws opened wide. It was an alligator. They both screamed and they both frantically swam as fast as they could.

Everyone couldn't take it anymore. They were laughing til their sides hurt. "C'mon guys," Rapunzel motioned. "Let them learn their lesson." And everybody left Odette and Marilynn in the moat.

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