The Diary of Gwen

Gwen she is lost and feels as if her world is falling apart, yes things are not as bad as they could be but she just wants to leave and get out. She tells it all everything from beginning to the present and even into the future. You watch her grow from teenager to adult and you know every dirty secret in between.

*Cover made by @AshleeRenee*


1. About me

March 9th, 2013

        Well this will be my first entry in this stupid journal my mother insist I write in, she says it will help me get over the things that have happened and that are going to happen... What is going to happen is my main concern it scares me to know that I can not know my future. I will start with a few things you will need to know about me, journal. I have three little sisters who I love dearly Anna the 14 year old, Nelly the 4 year old, and Jessie the 1 year old. But as for me I am 17 years old and my name Is Gwen, I am tall, skinny, green eyed, and I have frizzy dirty blonde hair. We live in a cramped one story home, which we could of upgraded from a long time ago, but my parents don't want to waste money since I will be leaving soon to be out on my own. And lets just say that my parents are not happy that I will be leaving when I turn 18 because they rather me stay home and get on my feet ( but they really mean stay home and watch their kids).

       I am honestly tired of staying home, and not going anywhere. Literally I do not go anywhere unless my parents take us some where, when we go "walking" we have the same limit we did when I was five a couple house down the road to my aunts house and then to the empty lot right next door. I mean who gives walking limits to their 17 year old daughter who is more than capable of walking farther, and I mean I get that they worrying that some one might hurt me, but I know how to fight I can scream, kick, and punch. It is not that hard, but to them it is something they want to avoid, they have a need to keep their eyes on me. And freedom is something I crave and I need now it is not just the normal teenage thing where we want to run around, it is this urge and crave that goes all the way down to my soul.

      Oh yea, and I forgot to mention one thing that is really, really important about me. I am hard of hearing. Now that might explain why my parents may over react, but they do not need to worry like they do. I am perfectly capable of doing things on my own, they act as if it is a disability and I can not do things without getting hurt, lost, confused, or something. I mean after all I am 17 ready to go spread my wings and make a mark on this world, and I am NOT going to let anyone stop me. No matter the mistakes I may have made in the past, they only led me to grow and become a better person.. If only my family would see that.


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