Epic Crossover

Hello!! I have a habit of doing a bunch if crossovers, so I am going to attempt the greatest crossover of all time. Frozen, Young Justice, Avatar (the last airbender), and The Rise of the Guardians Crossover. Hopefully this will not turn out a big mess, but something good. Comment below on what you think!! Also, if anyone can come up with a better title, please comment. This takes place 1 or 2 years after the events in the movies. Sorry for any confusion.


1. The Call

There were limited supplies all over the World. There was no leather, you had to wear shoes (if you could afford shoes) made of fish skin. There was no butter as well.

Artemis stared at the bright computer screen. Her essay on WWII, was due tomorrow, and she had just started. The curser blinked at the end of her paragraph. She groaned and put her head down. There was no way she could finish her 5 page essay by tomorrow. Her computer beeped and Robin appeared on her computer screen.

"Robin!" She jumped. Robin laughed.

"Still on the essay?"

"Yes, you?"

"Finished it last week!"

"Of corse you did." She grumbled.

"Listen, I picked up a distress call a couple minutes ago." She sat upright.

"Where?" Robin hesitated. "Where," she asked again sternly.

"Not from around here." Robin said slowly. "just come to the cave. Quick. I called Aqualad, Superboy, and Kid Flash, but Superboy is not responding. Zatana is already on her way. You know she doesn't use the zeta tubes."

"Ok. Met you in the cave in 5." Artemis hung up, and walked, scratch that, ran to her room. She grabbed her uniform, and put on her mask. She ran around her room, looking for her bow. "Mom!" She called while putting her long blonde hair in a ponytail. "Where's my bow?!" Her mom rolled out of her room. Artemis's heart broke. Every time she saw her mom in her wheelchair. Her mom could make her do anything. She even got her to move schools. Her mom had suffered so much, Artemis tried to be a good daughter, but she must be hard to live with. "Mom?" She asked gently. "Do you know where my bow is?" Her mom pulled out her bow and handed it to Artemis.

"Be carful."

"I will mom." She took her bow, and ran out.

Robin wiped his hand across his face, sighing. A feminine robotic voice filled the cave.

"0-2 Aqualad, 0-3 Kid Flash, 0-5 Ms. Martian, 0-6 Artemis, 0-8 Rocket." The rest of the teem appeared in a flash of golden light.

"Where's Zatana?" Rocket asked.

"I thought you'd never ask." Zatana appeared next to Robin. He's heart skipped a beat. It's not like she tried to look good. She just did. With the help of some magic. She was wearing her regular suit and white gloves, which was worn for missions. "Hey Robin." Robin smiled. Kid Flash sighed.

"Can we get a move on please?"

"Your just jealousies of my incredibly hot girlfriend."

"No I'm not, I have one of my own."

"I know. But mines hotter."


"Boys!" Ms. Martian interrupted. "I'm glad your happy, but can we get get started please?" Robin cleared his throat. Artemis and Zatana exchanged a look like 'boys'

"Right. Where's Superboy?" Ms. Martian fiddled with her black t shirt for a second. She was in her "normal" Martian form. She could shape shift, so keeping a secret identity was really easy for her. Only the teem knew her secret. She was a white Martian from Mars, and snuck on her uncle, Martian Manhunter's ship to earth to escape persecution. She wore her normal black t shirt with a red X through the middle. She was cute. Not hot or anything. She looked like a normal human but green.

"I don't know. He's out of my telepathic range. And I can't reach him with our mind link. I'm worried."

"Do not be." Aqualad intervened. He was the leader. And for good reason too. He was calm. He didn't speak often, but when he did, people tended to listen. "Robin, continue."

"Ok, well, I got a distress call from..." Robin stopped.


"From a place called Arendel." The was shocked silence around the room.

"But..." Zatana started "that place doesn't exist."

"Exactly, so I figured, it must have a tremendous amount of magic concealing it. Zatana." Robin pulled up a holographic map of the world. Zatana chanted an incantation, and a dot appeared on the map.

"Time to go." Aqualad nodded at Ms. Martian. She was still distracted. "Ms. Martian. Megan!"

"What? Oh- oh right. I'll call the bio ship." Seconds later, the teem was boarding the bio ship, headed to Arendel.

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