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What would happen if the boy of your dreams likes you, but goes out with your best friend? Have an insight to hers and his diary's!!


1. 25th January 2014

Lilly's Diary

It's here :D my 16th! I have to get ready :o all my friends are coming over later for my party!!!! I'm so excited! Pink dress :) pink heels :) tiara :D I can't wait!!!! Liam's coming too :D I wonder if we can get together and maybe have a little .......... Haha what am I thinking he doesn't like me! He never will :( he goes out with my best friend :(

I better start getting ready :D talk soon!

(3 hours later)

I'm finally ready :D can't wait :D everyone's turning up :) exciting!!!!!!!!

Liam's Diary

It's here :) Lilly's party! Nobody knows this but I have a major crush on him even though I'm with her best friend! I can't t

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