The other world

I really hate descriptions and introductions so I will say that my story talks about a girl , Eline , who was lost and had a great adventure.
wish you enjoy my story .


1. I'm lost

It was a sunny day when the ship started its journey . It was a huge ship with more than 1000 people ."I think it will be boring " Eline told her friend . " Are you crazy , can't you see that sea is surrounding us " she replied "you are so boring " and these were the last time that they will meet .Night came and all went to sleep . Calmness broken by a scream , all voyagers were asleep except the sailors who were watching their way and of course the captain of the ship . The two sailors ere the only person who heard this scream they ran to see who was screaming and left their places . They found that they were little girls playing in their room. At the same time they left their places there was a great rock . The ship was so lucky it survived from facing the rock , but Eline was not . At this night she was standing at the edge of the ship , so she fell off the ship , because there was a great move like an earthquake when the captain tried to avoid the rock. "Wait ,wait" Eline screamed , but it was too late . 

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