This is about larry stylinson. Harry is famous. The one guy who has everyone falling for him. Especially Louis. Louis Is a huge fan of Harry styles and knows everything about him. 'Not everyone hero has a cape.


1. chapter 1

Louis's P.O.V

OK. I am trying not to freak out on my mate Niall. You see he literally said 'Harry Styles isn't someone that big to literally stalk' and I was all like ' ooooohhhh hell no! You did not just say that! Liam (my other mate) hold my Harry styles fanfic. It's about to get messy in here' but of course I would never say that to Niall so I just stood there with a face expression like WTF!?!?

I just had a WTF!? Moment in my head when Niall said that. Then I ran up to my room with not another word said. I am about to have a BF ( bitch fit) right now because I mean seriously, this is Harry Styles we are talking about. If you hadn't notice I am a fan of Harry also known as Louis Tomlinson the gay guy. Witch I a m perfectly fine with being gay just I hate that nickname. I actually love being gay. It means I won't be looked weird at by my friends when I say how hot HARRY STYLES is.

Today I was freaking out because well Harry styles is going to Doncaster for his tour. And my other mate Zayn got me tickets. Enough for me Niall Zayn and Liam to all go. Isn't that so fucking awesome!!! I almost hyperventilated right then and there. I will now literally honor Zayn. *deep deep breath*


I can not wait to go to Doncaster. I heard there are a lot of hot guys there. Yeah I am gay. Well more likely bi sexual. But I think I like guys a little more than I do with girls. Girls are just sometimes annoying. Always fishing for compliments. They are always saying stuff like I am too fat or I am so ugly why do you even like me? Then they expect you to throw a bucket filled with compliments. But gay guys aren't always like that. They are always honest and nice. And boys can always be your best friend when need it. Even when you don't need it they are still there.

Anyway back to Doncaster. My mum's friend jay lives there. She also has a son about 2 years older then me. That's what I have heard. My mum also told me that this boy is a gigantic fan. Which I a m very excited to hear.

Today I am having some tea and some lunch with my mum. It's been awhile since we have seen each other. " sweetie did you here? Jay said that Louis the boy I have been talking about got tickets for him and his friends. Maybe if you want to meet this Louis you could send him a backstage pass." My mummy suggested. I thought about it. I want to meet this kid but if I just send it to him he might think it is spam and throw it away. " I will do it but first I want to call this kid. Do you have his number?" I asked. My mum looked at me with excitement but it soon turned into a serious face. " well no but Jay does. I will ask her for his number. I will make sure to tell her to surprise him by not telling him that you will be calling him. Excellent.

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