This story is inspired of skyscraper by Demi Lovato.

It's about surviving the 9/11, but still not.

It's about the feeling of death, and death only.


1. The boom!



That’s how it all started. Smoke, dust and small pieces of glass flew around the room.  There was a big hole in the building, and I could a few bodies lying unconscious with blood dribbling down their heads.


 I tried to get out, but everything fell down from the roof. I saw a man jumping of the building, and I was just about to shout “DON’T” but I couldn’t. Because of all the smoke I had breathed in, I had lost my voice. For one second there was total silent, but then another boom! Another window was made in to small glass pieces.

I fell to the ground, and I looked down at my hands. They were filled with blood. A piece of glass was stuck in my finger. I slowly pulled it out. It stung, and I started to feel dizzy. The last thing I saw was the calendar, 9/11.


I didn’t know how long I had been unconscious, but everything was silent now, and it kept being silent. I tried to sit up and open my eyes, but it was hard.


Finally I got my eyes open, and I saw that the building I was in was a total mess. Everything was peeling of the walls, there were holes in the floor and the big hole in the wall was still there.


I saw light blinking. It was red and blue.


Two men came near me. They tried to get me to answer, but I could. Every time I tried, my lungs were filled with smoke, and my head became dizzy.


They started carrying me downstairs, but then a big tile on the floor broke, and we fell through the floor.

As soon as we hit the floor, I heard a bone cracking sound. One of the men had hit his leg and couldn’t get up.

The man, who would be able to get out on his own.  

I couldn’t hear, what he was saying, because of my dizziness, but I think that he shouted for help.


No one came, and he started to panic.


I really wanted to help him, but it was like my body was frozen, all I could do was to lie there, watching him.


Soon he had inhaled too much smoke, and he fell to the ground. His blonde hair was on my stomach, and his head was on my chest.


I could feel that my lungs also were getting tired of breathing, and so they stopped…

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