**do you dare say her name competiton entry**


1. Her

The words in my mind kept me up all night. I couldn't sleep. I scanned around my dark bedroom, hoping she wouldn't come for me. Not today. But in five days. I'd think back to the horror story that was told on Halloween, and I dared not to believe it.  Some parts of my mind kept on telling me to believe it. I pulled up my single duvet up to the tip of my nose. 

The room was too quiet. I was listening intently to the mysterious vibe, during around the time of midnight. I  felt as if someone was watching me  in my room. Then my lights were forcing themselves on, but they were struggling. I glanced over to my left, and in an instant second- the lights switched on suddenly. I scattered hesitantly back as far as I could go away from the dark figure that was only four inches away from my bed. Thick fresh blood was dripping from the corners of the figure's mouth, her eyes were black as the midnight sky. Her flesh smelt like she was decaying- and she was giving me the death-stare, the type of death-stare that haunted my ghost stories. Her thick matted long black hair led up to the middle of her hips. She was wearing a stained white gown that led to her bare muddy feet. I couldn't speak.

I couldn't find my voice to scream, let alone talk. I noticed she was mumbling something quietly, almost as if she was chanting a spell.

five days...five days...you have five days to live.... five days...

In a matter of seconds, her figure slowly began to fade like an illusion, and the lights went out again.

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