He changed her life ( a Harry fanfic)

This is my first fanfic.
Carina is on a vacation in London where she met Harry. It's love at first sight.
They start dating but he lives in England and she in Holland.
Will the love win?


1. London

Me and my parents were planning a vacation to England. I was so excited when the plans were ready. A week later I arrived at our hotel in London. It was beautiful! I went to my room and lay down at my bed. The room was amazing. 30 minutes later my parents call me for dinner. The food was amazing and delicious. After dinner I went back to my room and my parents to them. The next day me and my parents went to London. I was so excited about it! When I arrived at London, me and my parents went shopping. My parents went to a shop but I don’t want to go so you waited outside. I sat there for like 5 minutes when I hear screaming. I looked at my left and saw a huge group of girls running. Then I saw who it was. It was Harry Styles! OMG! I couldn’t believe it! Then I realised how it was for him. 50 girls ran behind him! I screamed STOP!!! When the girls heard that they stopped running and stand still. Harry couldn’t believe what I just did! I stopped a hole group of fans! So I said to the girls: “listen I’m a directioner too but look at Harry, he has to run for his life!” the girls said: “you’re right” and the left. Harry looked at me and said:” Thank you for saving my life” I looked at his gorgeous green eyes and said:” you’re welcome” He looked at me and said:” you’re really beautiful, do you know that?”. You giggle and smile at him. “What’s your name? he asks: “my name is Carina ” “That’s a beautiful name” “Thank you J” I gave my number and then he walked away and says:” I’ll text you” When we leaves me, I have a huge smile on my face. A few minutes later my parents walked out the shop and says:” Why do you have a huge smile on your face?” I giggle and said:” I’ve just saved Harry Styles life, and now I’ve got his number” My parents look at each other and said:” It’s probably a daydream” That night I checked my phone and saw a message from Harry, it says:” Hello beautiful, thank you for saving my life. If you wasn’t there I probably will be at the hospital right now. Thank you X” When I read it I have a huge smile on my face. I text him back:” No problem, first a also wanted to run after you but then I saw your face. You didn’t liked it so I helped you J X” Me and Harry text each other the whole night long and at 02:00 I said:” I’m sorry Harry but I have to sleep right now, sorry L X” He text me back:” It’s fine, I’ll text you in the morning! Sleep well beautiful. I’ll see you soon J X” I giggle and think, what does he mean with:” I’ll see you soon?” I go to sleep.

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