Our love is stronger than that (short story)


1. Our Love is Stronger Than That

"I don't want to go know" Laurel cried " I want to stay with you"

"You have to go with your parents" Turner said to her

"But what about our relationship" she asked

"There is text and Skype" He quickly replied

Laurel nodded and went inside to get her bags. Her mom came rushing out of the house with a big box labeled Laurel and Turners memories. She set the box down and went into the house. Turner opened up the box and looked through all the pictures and gifts. At the bottom of the box was a letter he had wrote to her early in their relationship. He folded it nicely and put it in his pocket. Laurel came rushing out to put her bag in the car.

"Well it's almost time to go" she said sadly

"Yah let me go get something I got for you"He said while running inside

Laurels mom came out with the last box and loaded it into the car.

" Get in the car we are going now" Laurels mom yelled to her

"Wait Turner is getting something" she yelled back

"No now " she screamed at her

Laurel rolled her eyes and got in the car. The car took of and Turner came running out of the house. He was looking for the car when he saw it going down the street. He clenched his present and tried to catch the car.

"LAUREL" he screamed

Laurel looked back and saw him running.

"Stop the car mom" she asked

"No why" she questioned

"I left something"

"Ugh fine"

The car to a slow stop and Turner caught up. She rolled down her window to see a rose and a box in his hand. Turner slowly opened the box and showed her a golden ring.

"It's stunning" Laurel cried

"It is a promise ring" he continued to put it on her finger.

"What's the promise?" She asked

"That you will always love me" he replied

Laurel pushed open the car door and have him a big hug. Turner slowly leaned in and gave her a giant kiss. He wiped away her tears.

"I love you so much" he whispered

"I love you to and just you" she whispered back.

Laurel moved far away. They never saw each other again in person until a few years later. Turner and Laurel moved in together and raised a family of two girls and one boy. Turner died of lung cancer at age 87 and 5 months later Laurel died of a broken heart. Their children grew up successful. The two sisters are now big doctors trying to cure the cancer that killed their dad and the boy wrote a book about his parents fascinating story.

The End

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