Look at us now-Connor Franta Fanfic

Connor franta and Iris Monroe have been best friends for years they finally meet up again and iris is in love will connor like her back?


1. Meeting

"Jen I'm going to the grocery store " I head out in my tan combat boots my black tank, blue jean shorts, and red plaid button shirt thing. My names Iris Marylin Monroe my parents wanted to put Mary but they wanted some thing special. I'm 5'7' blond hair and green and gold eyes naturally red lips and I sing! Jennifer Elizibeth Nelson  my roommate and her initials spells JEN She's cool she cleans I cook. Anyway when I arrive at the store I have to go get the healthy foods due to Jen being a dancer. Kale,yogurt, god I'm sick of healthy stuff oh well I run by the coffee beans and yummy stuff. Jen is going to kill me I walk to the coffee beans and picked up a sample of coffee turned around and BAM. I hit the floor it was hard to see I dropped everything and landed on my but I heard someone say "are you ok" "ya I'm fine" I taste my lips chocolate cake I take off my plaid over shirt and wipe my eyes with it and tryed to clean up I look up to see two green and gold eyes "Connor is that you?" 
Connor POV
Wow nice move connor you just slammed a chocolate cake into this girls face I'm so smooth. When she wiped her eyes all I thought was I've seen those before. "Connor is that you?" She asked "Iris!" I say and hug her "I missed you" she smiled "I missed you too" I look down crap chocolate cake on me. But poor her she was cloated in it i say "be right back" I ran to grab some paper towels and help clean up "thanks " she said "it's the least I can do after running a chocolate cake into you" she laughs "it's fine I hated this outfit anyway high waisted shorts are bad" we talk for a little bit I helped her with getting the food Jen wants whoever that is. She turns toward me and says "thanks " " wait give me your number tomorrow do you and Jen want to come hang out at my place if like to catch up " I asked "ya here" she scribbled her number down "thanks " I said and gave her a hug. 
Iris POV
I arrive home carrying so many groceries at once I felt my arms were going to fall off. " Jen I'm home" she looked at me and gasped "what Happend?" I stood there "umm long story" after I told her every thing she said "you never told me your best friend is a famous youtuber" I looked at her funny "look here she logged in to her laptop and searched his name "oh my gosh that's so cool" I said "ya it is he's internet famous over 2million subscribers it's insane " Jen continued "how did you know this?" I asked "I train a few teenagers and they all talk about connor franta so I looked up his name and watched a video" she said "ok I'm going to take a shower you put the stuff away" I yelled "ok gosh" Jen said sarcastically. After I take a shower I said "oh ya we are going to his house tomorrow. 
Her mouth dropped "wow that is awesome" I nodded "how did you two 
Meet each other like when you were kids?"  
"Well it first started in 4th grade I was new I just moved to Minnesota and Connor was my neighbor he was my best friend since" I didn't mention the part about me liking him though. "Coolio well let's go on my tv and let's watch some of his videos " Jen said we stared to watch him then o2l and I then learned Jen liked ricky I mean a lot she said "awee he likes Pokemon " I nudged her "someone's got a crush!" She blushed "whattttttt...... Ya I do " I smiled "nice  I'm going to bed I went to my room night " I said Jen replied with "that means I'm going to try to go to bed but text connor till 3 " I nodded "pretty much" I take hop into my bed and text connor 
Iris-I Connor-C
C-hey so how it going 
I- good wbu
C-good so you coming tom 
I-ya Jen wants to meet ricky 😁😏
C-ahh I see I won't say 😁 anyway I'm excited 
I-so am I you know of coarse we run into each other in the coffee/chocolate section in a food store 😂
C-I know it's kinda well sad 😂 
I- I'm tired I'm going to bed love u buddy
C-night luv u too buddy 
Crap crap crap shit crapper I just said that


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