The Walking Dead

The Zombies are now roaming the Earth. Hi, I'm Skylar. Im with a group of 6 people. Me, Rick, Carl, Darrel , My friend Gaby & Glenn. Will we survive ? Will I find love with Carl ? Read to find out.


1. Still Walking

I woke up. Looked around, everyone still sleeping. I stood up being as quiet as possible & walked to the window. I saw the Zombies... They are still walking. We found a store to stay in last night. I heard a noise & turned around to see my best friend, Gaby. "Hey" she said. "Hi." We just stood there Awkwardly.

~~2 hours later~~

Everyone is awake now. We are all talking... Except Daryl & Rick who are just sitting there. I walked up to Daryl . "Is everything okay?" "Ask Rick" I walked up to Rick. "Rick. Is everything okay? Is something wrong?" "We are running low on food & supplies." "Me and Daryl can go get some stuff." Daryl walked up after hearing his name. "Skylar I can't risk you getting hurt." "Rick, I have weapons & Daryl ." Before he could object I grabbed a weapon & hurried out of the store. But before I got out I felt a tug on my arm. I turned around to see Carl looking at me with pleading eyes. "Please Stay!" "I'm going! I'll be back later okay?" Me & Darrel walked out.

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