New Love Of Hogwarts

Renesmee Cullen is new at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry, but little to everyone's knowing she holds a dark secret. She is have human and half vampire. How will she be able to hide this from her new friends in school? How will she choose? When her heart is being torn by Jake the werewolf she's loved and known her whole life or the strange but caring new guy she has met at Hogwarts?


1. What Now?

     "Nessie? Are you up? your father and I need to speak with you" said Bella as she turned on Renesmee's light.

 "Yes, mama I will be right there" I responded as I made my way to the living room of our quaint little cottage. As I entered the room the smell of pancakes hit my nose. "Mmm...Mama is something special happening?" I asked. Mom never cooked pancakes unless something was wrong or it was a special occasion.

  "Well hello there my little Hybrid." said Edward to Nessie as she entered the room.

  "Good Morning daddy." I said with a big smile on my face. Daddy always called me his little hybrid because before my mom was a vamp she had me. It always made me smile to know just how unique I really was.

  " Dear you received a very special letter today" said daddy and mommy in unison.

 Blinking in confusion I try to speak but the words wouldn't come out.

  " Nessie have I ever told you about your grandmothers part of our family?" asked mama looking at me with amusement?

 I shook my head. Still wondering what was going on while playing with my pancakes.

  "Well your grandmother is a witch as I am half witch half vampire...and you are half vampire half witch. And today you have received a letter you will be going to the most prestige school in all the world, you will be going to Hogwarts" mama said with excitement

 "Um...were you going to ask me? I mean im already different enough. What if they make fun of me? What if the volturi found out?"

  Looking at me wildly mama took a step back I never talked to my family like this. "Renesmee you know that we love have a gift and if you don't learn to control it things could happen and people you love could get hurt please give it a chance and no one has to know about your vampire side we will talk to the headmaster about it so it will never get out."

 Knowing that my mom was being honest I nodded but then it hit me WHAT ABOUT JAKE? I couldn't go off to some far off school and Jake not know! What would I tell him and how would he feel?

 "Mama what about Jake?" I asked

Just then Jake came to the kitchen "Hey Nessie, How are you?" he asked

 I ran to my room in tears I just couldn't tell him. a knock came at the door then a jog at the doorknob."Nessie, its ok I understand its awesome you have more then that freaky hand power now" Jake laughed he always knew just what to say to make me smile.

 "Jake im scared." Jake put his am around me and smiled."its ok Nessie you'll be fine and if you need me im a call away and never forget that everyone who meets you loves you. I know I do." he said with a tight squeeze.

  I looked up at Jake and smiled. He always knew just what to say to make me smile. "Jake, will you read the letter with me?" as I looked down at the letter that Jake was holding.

 " I would love to Nessie. I love you cutie pie." we started reading then my heart dropped. It said I would be leaving tomorrow and everything I needed was already there. I looked back by my door and mom and dad were there. Then I looked at Jake again. They all three reassured me it would be ok.

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