disaster //n.h//

Jessica has been through a lot in her lifetime. raising her little sister, dealing with her drunk father, her mothers death… and is still going through more. her life is full of events that she has to fight through. But she's not fighting on her own. she's not just with her sister, she has someone protecting her through her life of disaster...


1. ch.1

Meet Jessica,

My friends call me Jessie. I’m 17. Most people remember me by my pastel mint green long wavy hair and my pale green eyes. I live with m dad and my 15-year-old sister, Alice. Alice has red hair and light freckles around her nose and big brown eyes. She’s a quiet girl who is very shy and cant stand up for herself, so she would basically die without me, also because my dad. But he’s another story. Alice gets bullied and teased at school, so pick her up from school and have my friend harry watch her. I’ve been worried about her lately; she’s been really depressed and just recently started self-harming. And she rarely talks, only to me sometimes and harry gas been getting her to talk. And again, my dad adds to the problems. He’s never home and when he is he usually beats us and yells at everything, from dishes in the sink to dust in the air. He always comes home drunk and breaks things, the yells at us to clean it up. He has told us multiple times that it was our fault that our mom died a few days after Alice was born. There has never been a day that he ahs acted like a real dad. He might as well just leave, I’m the only one who acts like a grown up around here anyways. I could take care of our house, and Alice, perfectly fine without him here.



“What did I fucking tell you?” My dad screamed at me, while Alice ran to her room crying. ”I’m not going to get you more fucking beer, if you want it you get it-” I begun and felt his hand hit my cheek along with an indescribable sting. I quickly turned and walked away. “Come back here, I’m not done talking to you!” he yelled. “Well I am!” I ran upstairs to Alice’s room. I locked the door and saw her sitting in the corner in between her bed and the wall with her knees up to her chest. “Hey Ali-“ I got interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. “C’mon. We have to go.” I said grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the window. I opened it and looked around outside. “Ok, he’s gonna be really mad once he finds us. We can’t stay here ok?” she nodded. “I know you’re in there!” my dad yelled and pounded on the door. “Let’s go.” I whispered, hoping he wouldn’t hear me. I helped her out the window and then started climbing out when he broke the door down. “Don’t you dare jump out that fucking window!” he screamed as I shut the window before he could get us. Once we were on the ground we started running until we got to Harry’s.

When we got there I knocked on the door and about 3 minutes later he answered the door. “Hey what’s up? Its like, 2 in the morning.” He said, half asleep. Alice ran inside and hid behind the couch. “I’m sorry.” I said throwing my arms around him and crying. “What happened jess? Did he hurt you again?” he asked worried. I nodded into his chest and he hugged me tighter, rubbing my back. I looked back and saw headlights coming down the road. I don’t know if its my dad or not, but I still panicked and hugged him tighter, digging my face in his shirt. I could tell when he saw the car because as soon as he did he picked me up, brought me in his house, and locked the door after setting me down behind him. “Than-” I started. “You don’t need to keep thanking me jess, it’s an instinct that I have. I do it because I want to. Not cause I’m forced to.” He smiled and checked through the blinds before walking back to me and hugging me again. “ I know that. But I’m still going to thank you. If it weren’t for you, we’d be dead.”  “Now don’t say that. You’re a strong, smart, brave girl. You would take great care of Alice and yourself. Speaking of Alice, where did she go?” I looked around and remembered that she ran behind the couch. “She went behind there.” I said, pointing to the couch. He nodded and walked behind the couch and kneeled down. When he get back up I saw that Alice was sleeping. “I’m gonna go put her in the room, I’ll be right back. I need to talk to you about something.” I nodded and he walked away with Alice in his arms.

I sat down on the couch and brought my knees to my chest. What does he want to talk about? Is it something about my dad? Is he gonna tell me I cant stay here to hide from my dad anymore? These, and more, questions were going through my mind as I heard a door close quietly.

“Hey.“ Harry whispered. “Hey, is she sleeping?” I asked, putting my feet back down on the floor. “Yeah, and she’ll be asleep for awhile, I’m sure you guys had a rough night.” He said, sitting next to me. “yeah, just like all the other nights…” my voice trailed off.

A/N so… i needed to post this somewhere because my laptop isn't working well, so i need to bring it to someone to fix it or whatever….so i won't be able to update until it gets fixed, but i defiantly will. and i already wrote most of this fanfic on paper, so i can continue it on there so i can just type it real quick other than having to wait to be abe to go here, then have to think of what to write. so ya! :D

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