We're here to rant about issues and things that are bothering us. Feel free to comment your opinions, but keep things clean, respectful and nice. No need to be rude. :)


1. Some rants

I don't really understand why things aren't free and money never existed. If money never existed life would be so much easier. I mean think about it; people could do what they want to do for free, people wouldn't need jobs and you could live more of your own life, y'know?


Also, i'll never understand haters. It's one type of creature that NOBODY likes. But then i REALLY hate it when the haters go on about how much they hate haters, and then they act all sweet and ballarina-ish. I hate that so much...


I think this speaks for us all- homework! Why do we even get it? We do our work in school, but then we're basically taking everything we've learnt home with us and the biggest problem is, most people don't even go near the homework. I know i don't! I just look at it and act like my mind could do it all. 


Now i'm moving onto the parents! They say that teenagers are scary or mean, but they've been our age before, and people have had fear in them. I'll seriously never understand this, ever. Like My Chemical Romance said 'Darken your clothes and strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone but not me' It's a bit of a inferential thing. But it's saying that the reason we are who we are is so that adults and elders leave us be. 

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