Wonder Wall

A short story about liking someone that doesnt know you exist.


1. Wonder Wall

I hate having a crush, mine, doesnt know im here, doesnt notice me, doesnt even care, and its terrible having dreams about them because you know, that at some point you have to wake up to have a nightmare. Your right infront of them, they dont care. They dont notice. Its like your a ghost to they dont see you but your there. The other day i fell right in front of him, and he didnt care. He saw me. I was even bleeding. He didnt notice. I almost cried. Not like hed give a crap. He sees right thru you. I tried saying hi, he just waved, no smile no nothing. I listen love songs and i realize, im nothing like these singers because the people they love, love them back. I listen to sad songs and i never understood them more. And the cuts on my arms make me realize, he'll never love me back.

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