We will survive (short story)

We'll my blurb deleted so you just have to read the book


1. We will survive

"We have to go now" Alexander yelled

"It's no use we will die any ways" vesper yelled back

"Please don't lose hope on us" he replied throwing her a small gun.

Vesper loaded the gun and collect the supplies they had left.

"If I'm taken kill me please" Alex whispered into her ear.

"Same" she whispered back.

Alex gently wiped her tears away and leaned in for a long kiss like it was there last.

"I will never leave you I promise" he said to her after they where done.

They got all their stuff and headed out the flack window. They ran to their truck and started on their way.

"We are almost out of gas" Vesper said alarmed

"It's enough I know it" Alex replied with a grin.

They drove until they ran out in front of a large field with no zombies there.

"I have been here before, there is a cabin very far out there but we have to walk" Alex said.

"That's fine I love walking" Vesper giggled

It was about 3:00 am when the found it and they set up a small campfire. Vesper stayed there while Alex went to look for food in a near by forest.

Later that night zombies came wandering threw the the forest where Alex was. Vesper got out her gun and shot the first two and then noticed something about the last one.

"Alexander" she asked hoping for an answer.

The last zombie moaned. She got herself ready to give up when she remembered what he had said earlier. She pulled it the gun and pointed the gun at him. She closed her eyes and fired. She looked up and saw the zombie fall to the ground.

Vesper picked herself up and waked I've to the zombie. His hair was brown and short and his eyes where the same color as Alex's. It was him. She dropped to the ground crying. She thought about life before the zombie apocalypse and how much she wanted Alex back. She picked up the died zombie and carried it I've to the cabin.

"You promised" She screamed to the sky.

She picked up her gun and saw the last bullet.

"I don't have you or my family any more what is life worth living for then. I'm not going to do anything great like cure this disease. If this never happened to anyone I would still have you. God must of wanted this for me and you. Hopefully I'll see you in heaven." She said to the sky like she was speaking to Alex

Vesper picked up the gun and pointed it to her head.

"I love you" she whispered

With no hesitation she pulled the trigger and fell to the ground right next to the zombie she new and loved as Alexander.

The End


I hoped you liked it. This was my first short story I have ever written on this account . Leave any ideas in the comments:)

- ilovetowriteshortstories

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