Petits Bonheurs

Saskia Hall has been in love with France for years- the pastries, the landscapes, the coffee, the people; the whole 'je ne sais quoi' about it. When she finishes Sixth Form, she decides to take a gap year in Paris before she starts University. What will happen? Who will she meet? Where will she go? Will Paris be the place she once thought it would be?


1. Chapter One

Saskia dragged her heavy suitcase behind her, up the stone steps to her temporary residence. It was perfect. She had been saving up for years to rent this apartment. It was in an ideal area of Paris- not too touristy, yet close enough to allow her to visit the landmarks she so desperately wanted to see. She turned around and faced the street, taking the sunglasses she had been optimistically wearing. Parisian women sat together, chatting in their flowery accents, over a freshly made café au lait, nibbling daintily on French pastries, and striking waiters sashayed around the round tables. Business men on bicycles rode past in a flash, their front baskets full of paperwork. Saskia closed her eyes and took it all in. The smell of coffee and unfiltered cigarettes, the feel of the bricks on her hand as she leant against the flat, the sound of the accents that so many others found pretentious and affected yet she found so beautifully romantic and idyllic. She finally felt at home, in a place she had never been before, and with a smile and a bounce in her step, she opened the door to her new home.

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