In the Attic

When Aurora is made to spend summer with her crazy great aunts in a huge mansion in the middle of no where. But what happens when she finds a mystery door in the attic that leads to...


1. Here We Go

Trains. I've never liked trains, it just don't seem safe that this large thing can stay on some tiny rails but anyway Ive started on the wrong foot.

 I'm Aurora and yesterday I finally finished high school but instead of partying I'm stuck on a death trap they call a train and I'm going to my 2 looney aunts in the middle of no where and I'm stuck there till I start college all because my mother thinks it will be a good life lesson.

"Where you going darling" a little old women next to me asked
"Oh Philsperry" I said back
"Philsperry, oh no no no not a good place that one" the little old women said shaking her head and tutting
"Wh...why'd you say that?" I asked quite freaked out that I'm going to a not good place
"I heard things bad things about that place, where you staying?" She asked her face now inches from mine 
"Erm number 703 is that bad?" I said 
"Oh I see just don't go to 704, never go to 704" she said before walking off down the train
"Wait" I shouted but she was gone, where has my mothers sent me?

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