A whole new perspective

Emma cosh is a normal 20 year old. But when her best friend Kylie Jenner sets up a blind date for Emma and Justin, everything has a new perspective


1. chapter 1

"Seriously, why is it so hard to find a fucking dress?!??" I yelled frustrated. Like why can't it just be easy to find clothes for a single blind date??

My best friend Kylie sat me and her friend justin up together. We're meeting at a weird sushi restaurant that's like five minutes away. I've never really been on a blind date before, but Kylie said that he was super sweet, so I'm kinda excited!

After 20 minutes I finally found a cute black tight dress, that fits perfect! I don't really know if it's mine or some of my friends that have left it here or something, but I like it! We're meeting at that sushi place in 12 minutes so I should probably get going.. I'm walking around in my big lonely apartment, it's so quite. that's exactly why I need a boyfriend! so it's not that lonely anymore..

I'm walking out to my car and hopping inside. I turn on my car, and in that moment Justin biebers new song rollercoaster came on. "urgh, hate him!" I just turned off the radio and started driving. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life! I keep thinking "what does he look like? how do I look? is he good with kids? where do he live? does he like soup? what's his favorite potato?" Like why do I think that? is it even normal?

I walk out of my car and walk into the restaurant. "Name?" the lady at the front asked me. "uhm Emma. Emma cosh." I said while smiling to her. "oh yeah, this way!" she said with a smile and lead me into a little cozy booth. I could see a guy sitting at the left side of the table. I just sat across him without even looking at him. "hi I'm Emma!" I said while I looked up at him. at first I couldn't really believe who I saw. but then again he is friends with kylie!

Justin Bieber.

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