Dear You

Collections of letters, to boyfriend from girlfriends, from one person to another, from me to you, for everyone.


1. Dear You

Dear Fill In The Blank,

This could be to a best friend. That person who was there when the rest of the world walked out, the person who gave you a hug when it seemed everyone else wanted to punch you in the face. This could be to a family member. The people who have seen you through good and bad, and yet are there- as you are to them. This could be to that one guy in a band that you can’t stop thinking about- because you’re sure you’re BFFL’s... he just... doesn’t know it yet. This could be to that teacher. Who hates everyone. Or to that popular girl, who just hates you. But no matter who this is to, no matter where you came from, no matter if you grew up hating me because I was told to hate you, as well, or if you grew up across the street from me... I love you. Because we are all people. Because we all have a brain, and a heart, and feelings, and tears, and smiles, and a story.

Because you are just like me, in some kind of way.



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