Black angels- dark hour

Laney Collins, is a doppelganger. Not only that, her brother is a vampire hunter, and she is in danger. Elizabeth, her evil double, is to return to her town when Shane, or Rosen makes a move on Laney. On the other hand, Rick, the first ever hybrid, gathers his allies, to capture Laney, as her blood is the only blood that makes hybrids. Samantha goes missing, and the group sets out to find her- only, supernatural crisis happens, and things get tricky.


1. The Hybrid's Return

Rick Glass was lounging on the arm chair that he always claimed. He was glancing at the digital alarm clock resting against the high small circular wooden desk, tapping his fingers away to the beat of the clock. He gave up after watching the clock turn towards five AM in the morning and yawned feeling fatigued.  

          Then his face perched with little excitement as his ‘companion’, Daniel, walked in clutching firmly above Samantha’s elbow. His dark brown eyes lay dauntingly against his. He noticed that Samantha was squirming and struggling out of his grip and he snickered as if he didn’t even care about how much it ached for her.  A hybrid is meant to be someone with no heart and a cold soul right? He eased back into the arm chair and clasped his hands together, and he rested his elbows against his knees waiting for some news.

          “So what is it now?” Rick asked, pretending he was frustrated. It was only a way to make scare his victims.

          “I caught your human trying to call the doppelganger.” He informed him bluntly. Rick swivelled to see behind him. It was nothing but a dark, silent and haunting night with no entertainment. It was better back in the 1800’s. Tonnes of people were out every night, girls dressed in pretty expensive flocks and the guys in their best outfits and styled hair just to get some lady-friend for the night. Or maybe perhaps the whole year if needed.  It was Rick’s favourite time of year back then, because people were too dumb enough to get drunk and not realize there were vampires among them. Not only that, vampires weren’t really known to be what they really were. Rick grunted as he turned around to face Daniel again. He was fairly tanned for a werewolf. His skin had an olive tone to it. He had normal, flat brown hair to match with his eyes.

          “Laney you say?” He asked, sounding curious. Rick leant closer, with his hand now resting against his chin. He grinned wickedly as he noticed Daniel gulping nervously- slightly releasing Samantha’s grip to a soft hold.

          “Yes. She wanted her to rescue her, it’s quite hysterical really.” He scoffed, forming a chuckle. He could easily tell that he had been afraid- and for some strange and unknown reason, he loved every part of it. 

          “Seems like you don’t like this holiday Sam,” Rick teased, forming a wicked grin. Samantha’s eyes changed immediately as if she sensed something on the line of danger. Not that Rick seemed to care; he looked as if he was having too much fun. Samantha tried jerking back forcefully away from Daniel’s grip, but for a vampire, it was too strong for her to handle. 

          “You know,” Samantha started, breathing heavily- forcing a dry chuckle. “For a hybrid that’s lived a thousand years- I’d expect him to be wiser than foolish. Not someone without a heart,” She hissed, trying to sound brave. It didn’t go as expected, because she got smacked around the face, so hard it left a red mark drawing blood. She winced at the pain, but she didn’t show Rick she was at all hurt. She glared at him dauntingly as her blood scent swooped up his nose, and he breathed it in as if he loved the smell of her blood. He yearned for it. Gulping slowly, she tried squirming away from him- but it was no use.  Rick’s razor blade fangs extended sharply and slowly towards her as a warning, and she didn’t hesitate to suddenly get out of Daniel’s grip, and walloped him so hard, it even sounded like it stung. His head snapped downwards, and his eyes flared a crimson red. His teeth were gritted together, and his fists were clenched softly.

          “You shouldn’t have done that…” He stated, lowering his voice into a deep growl. Sam didn’t move away, she didn’t flinch at the sound of his alarmed voice. Instead, she spat at him, literally. Rick paused, leaving a five minute of uneasy silence lurking in the air. Sam’s eyes flickered in alarm as Rick swung a roundhouse punch towards her face. So hard the dark, faint blue started forming the areas from where he had struck at her. Sam ducked, kicking violently directly into Rick’s stomach, making him grunt in agony.

          “Yeah, I can do worse. I’m not part of this tale just because I’m a pesky unwanted human.” Sam started, clenching her fist tightly.  Rick lifted his hand effortlessly into the air, like he surrendered. He was breathing fast, like he had just finished a fifteen mile marathon.

          “You have a good punch, I’d give you that… how about this, you call Rosen…and we’ll negotiate, how about that?”  Rick managed to choke out of him, faking a quick smile. Sam felt herself slowly relax, but also more alarmed. But in an instant second, his false smile twisted into stone-cold. Rick collapsed onto the ground in an awkward heap, shivering and unconscious. Leaving Sam to feel regret and remorse.

          “That damn hybrid is getting on my last nerve…” The man glowered towards Ricks shivering, knocked out body. He was clutching a black, electric Taser in his hand, and he prodded at Ricks’ ribs with his foot effortlessly.    He had a little bit of long black hair with blue startling eyes, long lean arms with broad muscles, a crooked smile with dazzling teeth, long rippling legs.

Why British? Sam complained in her mind, Why does he have to be British?


          “The name is Caius, before you ask what my name is.” He interrupted, pulling out a hand for her to shake, and as a matter of fact- she shook it; seeing as he practically saved her life and all. But something about his presence frightened her, the aura he was giving off, was more terrifying than Rick’s. Sam glanced down to Rick’s body; he had seemed to relax a little- and his breathing calmed down to his normal pace. Caius smiled warmly at Sam, flashing his golden-brown eyes at her.

          “So, why did you save me? Thought immortals cared about themselves only.”

Caius chuckled deeply. “I was actually sent by Shane. An old pal,” He started, waiting for the unexpected news to sink in to Sam’s system. “I was pretending to work for Rick for Shanes… let’s just say… ‘Old dirty work’.”  He finished, linking his arm in hers cautiously.

          “Shall we go back to the shit hole we all grew up in?” He smirked wickedly at her.

          “Why do I get the feeling you’re no good?” She sighed in disbelief. Expecting a punch, or a daunting threat, Sam jerked back a little. But surprisingly, to her, he just smiled.

          “You don’t know anything, about us immortals. We are dark, we love, and we are mysterious.”  He stated, scanning her eyes wondrously. Gulping slowly, she nodded towards Caius, as a signal that she was ready to go back to her mansion. 

          “Let’s go,” She sighed, suddenly feeling something warm creep up inside her emotions.

Caius, in abnormal speed, forcefully pushed open the stiff double doors, and ran in out of the night, darting quickly towards Laney Collins house.


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